5 Best Pillows in Malaysia in 2024 - Tried & Tested!

5 Best Pillows in Malaysia in 2024 - Tried & Tested!

Are you tired of tossing and turning every night, struggling to find the right pillow that provides both comfort and support? Look no further! In this article, we'll dive into the 5 best pillows in Malaysia for 2024 that have been tried and tested to ensure a good night's sleep. 

We understand the importance of a quality pillow in enhancing sleep quality, and that's why we've compiled this comprehensive list to guide you in making the right choice.

Best Pillows for Neck Pain in Malaysia

1. Sommni Wave+ - The Ultimate Contour Pillow for Neck Support

"Natural latex contour pillow with 14cm high neck support, medium firm density and pinhole design  "

Sommni Wave+ Pillow 

If you're seeking a pillow that's tailored to cradle your neck, the Sommni Wave+ is a top choice. Crafted from 100% natural latex and designed with aloe vera fabric, this contour pillow offers a unique pinhole design that provides a gentle embrace for your head, neck, and shoulders. 

Its medium-firm firmness ensures optimal support without sacrificing comfort. Hypoallergenic, sustainable, and durable, the Sommni Wave+ is a reliable companion for a good night's sleep.


  • Medium firm  


  • Width 63cm

  • Height 14cm 

  • Length 37cm

2. Sommni Wave - Orthopedic Support for Neck Alignment

For those with neck pain concerns, the Sommni Wave is an orthopaedic marvel. Made with 100% natural latex and covered in aloe vera fabric, this pillow's pinhole design keeps your neck in natural alignment, easing strain. Its medium-firm firmness strikes the perfect balance between support and comfort. 

Experience the benefits of hypoallergenic materials that prioritise sustainability and durability, all while saying goodbye to neck discomfort.


  • Medium 


  • Width 63cm

  • Height 13 cm 

  • Length 37cm

3. Sommni Acu - A Soft Density Solution for Cervical Support

Soft and natural latex cervical pillow with 11cm neck support and unique convoluted surface for airflow and support

Sommni Acu Pillow 

Suffering from neck pain doesn't mean compromising on comfort. The Sommni Acu offers a natural latex construction that's ideal for cervical support. Wrapped in aloe vera fabric, this pillow's soft density provides the right amount of support without undue pressure. 

Its dimensions, specifically designed for neck comfort, and its sustainable, hypoallergenic nature make it an excellent choice for a peaceful sleep.


  • Soft 


  • Width 57cm

  • Height 11cm 

  • Length 34cm

Best Affordable Latex Pillows in Malaysia

4. Sommni Pure - Cooling Comfort with Natural Latex

Medium density 100% natural latex pillow with pinhole design, encased in aloe vera skin care fabric

Sommni Pure Pillow 

Affordability meets luxury in the Sommni Pure Pillow. 100% natural latex is encased in skin-friendly aloe vera fabric, and the signature pinhole design ensures proper air circulation, granting you a refreshing sleep. 

With medium density and thoughtful dimensions, this pillow strikes the perfect balance between comfort and support. Embrace the benefits of a hypoallergenic, sustainable, and durable pillow that won't break the bank.


  • Medium


  • Width 67cm

  • Height 11cm

  • Length 40cm 

5. Sommni Flex - Softness and Elasticity for Uninterrupted Rest

Soft 100% natural latex pillow with pinhole design, encased in aloe vera skin care fabric

Sommni Flex Pillow 

If you're looking for softness and elasticity, the Sommni Flex Pillow is your answer. Crafted from soft, 100% natural latex and surrounded by aloe vera fabric, this pillow offers a gentle yet supportive embrace. 

Its elasticity ensures it follows your contours without losing shape, providing a night of undisturbed sleep. Experience hypoallergenic, sustainable, and durable comfort that caters to your unique sleep needs.


  • Soft


  • Width 61cm

  • Height 11cm

  • Length 37cm

How to Choose the Best Pillow for Your Needs: Factors to Watch Out For

When buying pillows for sleeping, consider the following cautions:

  • Firmness Level: Ensure the pillow is appropriate for your sleeping position. Side sleepers often need firmer pillows, back sleepers medium, and stomach sleepers softer pillows.

  • Material Allergies: If you have allergies, avoid materials like down feathers. Instead, look for hypoallergenic alternatives like 100% natural latex pillows

  • Chemical Odours: Some memory foam pillows can emit a chemical odor when new due to off-gassing. Check for certifications to ensure the pillows have low or no chemical emissions. Sommni pillows are both Eco Institute and European ECO certified!

  • Pillow Filling: Quality matters. Cheap synthetic fills might lose shape quickly, while quality fills like memory foam, latex, or natural down tend to last longer and provide better support.

  • Heat Retention: Some materials, especially memory foam, can retain heat. If you sleep hot, look for pillows that are breathable or have cooling technologies.

  • Size and Thickness: The pillow's size should fit your bed and body size. Moreover, the thickness should align your head and neck with your spine.

  • Durability: Look for durable materials and well-stitched seams. A double-stitched seam, for example, can be more durable than a single-stitched one.

  • Price vs. Quality: Expensive doesn't always mean better. However, extremely cheap pillows might not provide good support or last long. Look for a balance between quality and price.

  • Return Policy: Ensure the store or manufacturer has a decent return policy. Sometimes, you won't know if a pillow is right for you until you've slept on it for a few nights.

Don’t forget to also read reviews. And, if possible, look for pillows with sleep trials so you can try them out. 

FAQs About Choosing the Best Pillow in Malaysia

1. What type of pillow is best for neck pain?

The ideal pillow for neck pain is one that provides proper support and alignment. 

Recommended: Sommni Wave+, Sommni Wave

2. Is a hard or soft pillow better for neck pain?

A pillow with medium support strikes the right balance between softness and firmness to alleviate neck pain.

Recommended: Sommni Wave

3. Is a higher pillow better for neck pain?

A pillow with appropriate neck support matters more than height alone for neck pain relief.

Recommended: Sommni Acu

4. Which type of pillow is best for side sleepers?

Contour pillows are great choices for side sleepers as they cradle the head and neck.

Recommended: Sommni Wave+, Sommni Wave

5. Which pillows are considered the healthiest choices?

Pillows made from natural latex are healthy due to their hypoallergenic, sustainable, and durable qualities.

Recommended: Sommni Wave+ and Sommni Pure

6. How do you know if a pillow is of good quality?

Good quality pillows use premium materials, offer proper support, and prioritise hypoallergenic and sustainable features - all present in Sommni pillows.

What Malaysians Are Saying

In Malaysia, there's been a noticeable buzz around Sommni pillows. Users appreciate the gentle softness and the cooling feel they offer. Some even mention that neck soreness isn't as persistent, and they've found their nights a bit more restful. While the Sommni Pure pillow gets its share of mentions, they have a range of pillows that also resonate with different sleepers.



Final Thoughts: Your Path to Restful Sleep

Photo by Jomkwan on istock 

Choosing the right pillow can significantly impact your sleep quality and overall health. The top-rated pillows in Malaysia offer a range of options to suit different sleep preferences and needs. 

Whether you're seeking neck pain relief, cooling comfort, or eco-friendly choices, Sommni pillows have got you covered. Invest in your sleep comfort and wake up rejuvenated with these tried and tested pillows. 

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