Fabric vs Leather: Which Sofa Is Better For Your Home And Your Inner Couch Potato?

Fabric vs Leather: Which Sofa Is Better For Your Home And Your Inner Couch Potato?



Fabric or leather sofa? That’s the difficult question buyers always face, without a seeming definitive answer. And because owning a sofa is a big investment, we’re all looking for that perfect sofa to keep us happy and comfortable for years and years to come. So read on and discover whether a CUURA fabric or leather sofa is the right one for you. 

Why fabric?

Versatility, diverse colour palettes, comfort


Fabric sofas have remained an all-time classic favourite for most home owners, because of how beautifully versatile it fits into any home. Fabric as a material can bring out a whole variety of different colours, patterns and weaves that effortlessly sets the tone of your living room without compromising on comfort. Plus, it’s known to be cheaper than other upholstery too! But most importantly, it’s soft, cosy, and so inviting to the eyes of your guests.


Why leather?


Luxury, Durability And Class

Leather sofas are the perfect marriage of luxury and beauty. They’re famous for their extreme durability, because they can handle all sorts of wear and tear of everyday life. Leather is an extra display of class and sophistication.

Choosing Fabric Or Leather

Deciding on a fabric or leather sofa doesn’t have to be a head-scratching decision. We have a number of leather and fabric sofa options available here, so you can decide which is right for you and your home. Meanwhile, allow us to shine the spotlight on some of our favourite selections.

Vesper 3-Seater Fabric Sofa in Cream Beige


The Vesper sofa is an absolute timeless beauty loved by everyone in the CUURA team, and it’s easy to see why. It’s got the classic soft, sinking fabric that’s soothing to sit and lounge on, thanks to its cushioney upholstery. Vesper is the comfy experience of a cloud-like sofa, but minus the very expensive price tag.

Florence 3-Seater Microfibre Leather Sofa in Caramel Brown


Florence 3-Seater Microfibre Leather Sofa in Caramel Brown is the very image of class plus luxury. With it’s dramatic arms and back design, it’s a piece that’s full of elegance and sophistication without forgetting about the most important aspect: comfiness. It’s definitely one that packs a punch and makes a real statement in your home. Plus, the microfibre leather is tough, sturdy, and designed with longevity in mind too.


Genevieve 3-Seater Microfibre Leather Sofa in Cream


Nothing spells mid-century modern quite like Genevieve. It just oozes comfort and calm with those clean, sleek lines. Plus those soft, back cushionings are designed for leaning back softly while giving you the perfect resting back support.

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