How To Choose Dining Chairs To Match Your Dining Table, According To Our In-House Expert!

How To Choose Dining Chairs To Match Your Dining Table, According To Our In-House Expert!

Murdock Leatherette Chair

As an interior designer for over 20 years, I've seen and heard tons of opinions of furniture, especially dining chairs. There are so many modern, retro, rustic and other luxury dining chairs both in stores and online, so today I'm going to narrow down the most popular dining chair designs of 2022!

First things first: Choosing the Chairs Material

The materials you should pick for your chairs will depend on the interior design style you want for your dining area. Metal chairs are the finest choice if you want to achieve stylish dining room furniture, so take a look at some luxury dining chairs like the Murdock Leatherette Chair above! 

Liara Solid Wood Chair


On the other hand, heavy wood chairs are a terrific option if you want a farmhouse vibe, like the Liara Solid Wood Chair.

The following list of materials is super popular for most modern dining room chairs:

  • Alder, walnut, and maple woods
  • Metals like stainless steel, aluminium, or iron
  • Cotton-stuffed fabric such as burlap, cotton or leather chair
  • Hard plastic materials like polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride

Select the Appropriate Color and Tone for Your Chairs

It's critical to get the color of a space just perfect, and it becomes even more important when the modern dining table and modern dining chairs are matched. Although you may have combined the materials, you also need to make sure you mixed the colors cohesively.

That is, in an ideal world. It can work in some dining rooms where the table and chairs are the same color (in a minimal Scandinavian style dining chair and muji style dining chair, for example). However, I'm assuming you want your house to feel more layered, in which case switching up the color is advised. Additionally, a tiny bit of color variation is possible.

Select Chairs with the Correct Size

Have you ever occupied a chair that was either too little or too huge for the available area at a table? If you haven't, it's a strange sensation. Either it's overly crowded or you feel tiny in the enormous seat. In order to choose the right seats for your dining room set, you must consider size. There are so many different dining chair sizes available. You can choose a table that seats four people or one that seats eight people.

Douglas Cherry Wood Bench

Think About the Chair You Want

Your dining room table's type will determine the kind of chairs you should choose. For instance, you might want to think about a m
icrofibre leather chair with a rounded back if your dining table is round. On the other hand, think about purchasing a bench like the Douglas Cherry Wood Bench pictured above if you wish to accomodate more people at a single table. If your table is long and rectangular, you can pick chairs with strong bases. Last but not least, you might use bar and counter stools to simulate a bar-like atmosphere if your table is taller. When choosing a chair type for your table, consider the chair's appearance, comfort, and how well it will complement the design of your table.

Damon Polished Leather Bar Stool


  • Bold silhouettes with sleek lines and luxury designs
  • Perfect for when dinner turns to drinks

Finding a modern chair that fits all the criteria—including looking good with the dining table, withstanding heavy use, and, of course, being comfortable—is difficult. Some are enduring classics, some are by up-and-coming superstars, and yet others are chic, reasonably priced items that look great in any dining area.

Finley Leather Chair

Leopold Ash Wood Chair


  • Craftsmanship, clean and fresh yet traditional design
  • Coordination is key

Simplicity of form and useful applications are valued in Scandinavian design. To complement your current decor, sets of furniture in the Nordic style are frequently chosen for dining rooms. If your dining area contains traces of blue and white patterns or wooden frames with clean lines, you can embrace the Nordic vibe even if you aren't specifically of Scandinavian descent

Booker Ash Wood Chair




  • Nostalgic space needs to be created
  • Comfort comes first
  • Inspired by round shapes and soft fabrics of the 60s and 70s
  • Funky colours with unusual design


With this set of dining chairs, you can give your dining space a timeless, traditional style. This design, which is made of long-lasting woven material, is not only exceedingly strong but also gives off a variety of looks. Because of the material's handcrafted embellishments, this item will fit in perfectly with your outdoor décor. These dining chairs have padded seats that make eating more comfortable.



  • Heavy metals, stained wood, and leather
  • Utilitarian design

With these leatherette dining chairs, you can flaunt your flair for the industrial. With the powder-coated aluminium frame and faux leather seat, you can easily wow visitors with your interior decorating abilities. Buying these chairs is as simple as entertaining will be after you get them pulled up to your table because they come in sets. After the celebration is finished, they are simple to clean. You'll be prepared for the following party if you simply clean them down with a damp towel. 

So these are some of our most popular dining chairs available online on the CUURA catalogue! For some more great options, check out the Dining Chair catalogue here! Thanks for reading! Byeeee ~

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