How to Use A Contour Pillow The Right Way

How to Use A Contour Pillow The Right Way

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after a night of comfortable sleep. The secret to achieving this lies in the way you use your contour pillow. In this article, we will explore what a contour pillow is, how to use it effectively, the benefits it offers, and who can benefit the most from its unique design.

What is a Contour Pillow?

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A contour pillow, also called an ergonomic or orthopaedic pillow, is designed to support the natural curvature of your head, neck, and shoulders.

Crafted from memory foam or other supportive materials, the contour pillow features a distinctive shape with varying levels of thickness, precisely contoured to accommodate various sleeping positions, including the back, side, and stomach, while providing optimal support during sleep.

How to Sleep on a Contour Pillow?

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  • Choose the Right Pillow: Start by selecting a contour pillow that suits your sleeping habits and preferences. Make sure it provides proper alignment for your head, neck, and spine.

  • Back Sleepers: If you're a back sleeper, position the higher side of the orthopaedic pillow under your neck and the lower side under your head. This helps maintain the natural curve of your spine and prevents strain.

  • Side Sleepers: For side sleepers, rest your head on the higher edge of the pillow with the lower edge supporting your neck. This keeps your spine aligned horizontally and minimises pressure points.

  • Stomach Sleepers: If you prefer sleeping on your stomach, use the flatter side of the curved pillow. This prevents excessive strain on your neck and keeps your head from being raised too high.

  • Adjustment Period: Give yourself a few nights to adjust to the new pillow. It might feel a bit different initially, but your body will adapt to the improved support and comfort.

Benefits of Using a Contour Pillow:

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  • Proper Spinal Alignment: According to St. Leonards Physiotherapy, the most common cause of neck pain (and disturbed nights) is "prolonged abnormal posture during sleep. In order to address this issue, proper spinal alignment becomes crucial.

    The ergonomic pillow's thoughtfully designed structure actively promotes the correct alignment of the spine, effectively diminishing the risk of experiencing neck and back pain.

  • Cooling Comfort: Numerous high-quality curved pillows are crafted from latex and incorporate an open-cell structure, facilitating the flow of air within the pillow. This enables you to remain pleasantly cool and at ease during the entire night.

  • Pressure Point Relief: By distributing your body weight evenly, orthopaedic pillows help alleviate pressure points, enhancing overall comfort.

  • Reduced Snoring: Elevating your head slightly can help reduce snoring by keeping air passages open.

  • Enhanced Sleep Quality: With reduced discomfort and better support, you're likely to experience more restful sleep and wake up feeling revitalised.

  • Posture Improvement: Consistent use of a contour pillow can lead to improved posture during the day due to better neck and spine alignment during sleep.

  • Hypoallergenic: Contemporary contour pillows are crafted using top-notch materials possessing properties that fend off dust mites, bacteria, and fungi. These attributes are especially beneficial for individuals dealing with allergies and asthma. Additionally, these pillows deter the proliferation of bacteria that commonly contribute to the occurrence of acne.

Who Should Use a Contour Pillow?

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Contour pillows are beneficial for a wide range of individuals, including:

  • Chronic Pain Sufferers: People dealing with chronic neck or back pain can find relief with an ergonomic pillow's targeted support.

  • Side Sleepers: The unique shape of contour pillows caters to side sleepers, promoting a comfortable and healthy sleeping posture. The contoured shape of these pillows supports side sleepers by aligning the head, neck, and spine, reducing discomfort and promoting better sleep quality.

  • Back Sleepers: Ergonomic pillows can provide excellent support for back sleepers as well. These pillows are designed to cradle the natural curvature of the head, neck, and shoulders. A pillow's ergonomic design helps keep the head elevated at an optimal level, reducing the likelihood of waking up with neck stiffness or discomfort.

  • Frequent Travellers: If you travel often, an orthopaedic pillow can make a significant difference in your comfort during long flights or road trips.

  • Pregnant Women: Expecting mothers can benefit from the extra support provided by contour pillows to alleviate pressure on the spine and hips. According to Kangaroo Care, it involves keeping legs parallel to reduce hip and pubic bone tension, improve circulation, and ease common pregnancy issues. 

  • Snorers: As mentioned earlier, curved pillows can help open up air passages, potentially reducing snoring.

H2: Sommni Pillows: Enhancing Your Sleep with Comfort and Innovation

Soft 100% natural latex pillow with pinhole design, encased in aloe vera skin care fabric

Sommni Flex Pillow 

Sommni Pillows are the ultimate solution to transforming your sleep experience with a blend of comfort and innovation. Designed to cater to various sleep preferences, the Sommni Pillow lineup boasts three exceptional options. 

The Sommni Wave+ pillow, crafted from natural latex, is a contour pillow that combines high neck support with a medium firm density, offering unparalleled comfort. Its pinhole design promotes optimal airflow for a refreshing night's rest. Meanwhile, the Sommni Wave, also made from natural latex, delivers orthopaedic support with a medium density, ensuring a well-rounded sleep experience. 

Lastly, the Sommni Acu pillow stands out with its soft, natural latex composition and a unique convoluted surface that enhances both airflow and neck support. With Sommni Pillows, you can customise your sleep environment to match your preferences and needs, enjoying a rejuvenating night's sleep like never before.

FAQs about Using a Contour Pillow

1. Can I wash a contour pillow?

Yes, many contour pillows come with removable and washable covers. Check the manufacturer's instructions for proper care.

2. How often should I replace my contour pillow?

On average, contour pillows last around 2-3 years. Replace yours if you notice sagging, loss of support, or discomfort.

3. Can children use contour pillows?

It's best to consult a paediatrician before introducing a contour pillow to a child. Children have different support needs as they grow.

4. Do contour pillows have a specific side to sleep on?

Yes, contour pillows usually have a higher and a lower side. The side you choose depends on your preferred sleeping position.


Using a contour pillow the right way can transform your sleep experience and contribute to your overall well-being. By understanding the unique design and benefits of ergonomic pillows, you can make an informed decision about incorporating them into your sleep routine. 

Ready to elevate your sleep quality? Don't wait any longer – purchase your very own contour pillow online in Malaysia today and experience the positive impact it can have on your sleep and well-being. Take the first step towards a more comfortable and rejuvenating rest!

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