Where & How to Sell Used Furniture in Malaysia

Where & How to Sell Used Furniture in Malaysia

Whether you're revamping your home, downsizing, or simply decluttering, letting go of furniture can sometimes feel like a challenge. However, as sustainability becomes a rising concern, rehoming these items rather than sending them to a landfill is a commendable choice. 

Enter Barnything, a platform designed for this very purpose, and CUURA Space's proud partner in promoting sustainable furniture practices.

Best Place to Sell Your Second-Hand Furniture in Malaysia: Barnything

Barnything isn't just another marketplace. They've mastered the art of simplifying the selling process for preloved furniture. Here's how:

1. Submit Request Form

Detail your furniture by filling a quick form on Barnything. Include specifics and remember: quality photos make your listing pop! Ensure you're in line with the Barter rules on their website.

2. WhatsApp Verification & Coordination

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After submission, expect a WhatsApp message from the Barnything team. They'll verify details, discuss your item's condition and value, and set a pick-up date.

3. Prepare for Pick-Up

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Clean your furniture, possibly disassemble if needed, and have it ready for collection. Barnything will pick it up from your doorstep, hassle-free.

What sets Barnything apart is their commitment to a greener future. Whether your furniture is sold, traded, donated, or even given away, it's assured a second lease of life.

CUURA Space x Barnything: A Step Towards Sustainable Living

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At CUURA Space, we're not just about creating beautiful spaces; we're also about nurturing the environment. Our collaboration with Barnything is a testament to that. 

To encourage sustainable choices, when you sell through Barnything, we're offering a RM200 discount on your next CUURA Space purchase. Together, we aim to intertwine sustainable living with rewarding experiences for our customers.

Does Anyone Buy Second Hand Furniture?

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The market for second hand furniture is thriving, especially in Malaysia. With increasing awareness about sustainability, many people are opting for pre-owned items to minimise their environmental impact. 

Not only does this approach save money, but it also offers the chance to acquire unique, high-quality pieces that add character to a home. So, yes, there is a growing community of buyers who prefer used furniture for both ethical and aesthetic reasons.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Second Hand Furniture


  • Eco-friendly Choice - Reduce, reuse, redecorate—it's a sustainable mantra.


  • Hidden Gems - Discovering unique pieces adds a touch of individuality to your space.


  • Budget-Friendly - If you're not after expensive antiques, second hand furniture is affordable. 


  • Creative Freedom - Used furniture lets you get creative without ruining something new.


  • Investment Potential - Some aged items may appreciate in value.



  • Visible Wear - Used furniture may have wear like scratches or fading. If you're okay with or can fix these, go ahead with the purchase.


  • Limited or No Guarantees - Second-hand furniture usually lacks a warranty.


  • Shorter Lifespan - Preloved might mean less longevity.


  • Time-consuming - Finding the right used furniture may take longer than choosing new, as you'll need to sift through more options.


  • Possible Transport Costs - Sometimes, delivery might need a little extra arrangement.

However, the charms of second-hand furniture—its character, potential savings, and eco-friendly appeal—often outweigh the downsides. Each piece carries a history that brand-new items often lack. Embracing this eco-conscious choice celebrates the beauty of giving items a second chance.


In a world valuing sustainability, CUURA Space proudly aligns with conscious, eco-friendly choices in furniture. Choosing to sell through Barnything isn't just a transaction—it's a pledge to a sustainable future. If you want to update your space with new or used furniture, our home makeover services are on standby to take your interior game to the next level.

Embrace this journey with us, making a positive impact on both your living space and the environment. List your old furniture on Barnything now and get RM200 off your next purchase on CUURA Space!

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