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Uncover the beauty of the medium-sized Artisanal Steel Frame Mirror in Black, where craftsmanship meets contemporary chic. This 60cm diameter mirror, bordered by a fine mild steel frame, is finished in an exquisite black hue that radiates warmth and sophistication. Artisanal is a statement of meticulous design and elegance. Its deep black frame, a hue that captures the blush of a sunset, adds a touch of opulence to any space it graces. The circular shape symbolises completeness, with the reflective surface offering a pristine and undistorted view, ensuring that this piece is not just a functional item but a centrepiece that elevates the style of a room. Whether it’s the focal point in your entryway or a chic addition to your bathroom vanity, this mirror brings with it a sense of artisanal beauty. It's perfectly suited for those who seek to imbue their living space with the glow of modern luxury and understated glamour. In the Artisanal Black Steel Frame Mirror in medium size, every glance offers an encounter with elegance, making it a prized addition for those who value the fusion of artistry and functionality in their home décor.


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