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Step outside the bounds of traditional design with Asymmetric large-sized mirror, a fusion of art and utility that captures the essence of modern sophistication. Spanning 90cm by 120cm, this avant-garde piece presents an irregular, eye-catching form that instantly elevates any room's aesthetic. This odd-shaped mirror, with its brilliantly polished surface, offers impeccable clarity, making your reflections as sharp as your style. The solid high-density board backing underscores the piece's quality, assuring both longevity and resilience. Whether it's gracing the walls of a chic lounge or adding character to a minimalist bedroom, Asymmetric mirror adapts with ease, enhancing the ambience and amplifying the light. Embrace the allure of asymmetry and invite a touch of the extraordinary into your home with Asymmetric. Beyond its functional purpose, this mirror serves as a striking visual anchor, a testament to your bold and discerning decor choices.


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