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Introducing the Cicero Bedroom Set, thoughtfully paired with the Sommni Mattress, a perfect marriage of luxury and comfort for a sleep experience that's simply divine. This set is designed for those who appreciate a grandeur touch in their private haven. The Cicero Size Bed Frame anchors this set with its stately presence. Upholstered in premium fabric, it exudes a soft yet durable quality. The high-density sponge backrest cushion, filled with 45D high-density foam, provides a supportive and comfortable backdrop for relaxation and sleep. Highly stain-resistant, this bed maintains its allure with minimal effort, ensuring your bedroom remains a showcase of cleanliness and style. Supporting the bedframe are robust wooden legs, which stand firm and add a natural charm to the overall aesthetic. The craftsmanship promises longevity, making this bed a lasting statement piece in your bedroom. The ensemble is completed by the Sommni Mattress, renowned for its dual-density comfort that cradles your body through the night. Its layers are engineered for support and softness, offering a sleep that's both restorative and indulgent. The Cicero Bedroom Set with the Sommni Mattress is not just a purchase; it's an investment in countless nights of serene and restful slumber.


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