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The Cicero Bedroom Set 1 presents a sanctuary of relaxation. Central to the set is the Cicero Bed Frame, wrapped in a luxurious fabric that invites touch, supported by a solid wood base and filled with high-density sponge for a blend of support and comfort. The bed's high stain resistance ensures it remains a pristine haven. Adding a whimsical touch is the Bear Accent Chair, an embodiment of comfort with its solid wood structure and layered high-density sponges. The fleece material adds a soft, tactile experience, while the medium firmness provides a snug seat that supports and cradles you. Flanking the bed are 2 Emery White Bedside Tables, their sleek leatherette finish and solid wood construction offering a modern edge and practicality with their stain-resistant surfaces. In hues of calming whites and neutral tones, Cosy Comfort Q bedroom set offers an escape into a world of comfort, embodying a minimalist aesthetic that soothes the senses and enhances relaxation.


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