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Upholstered in sumptuous pale blue velvet, the Ecogy high bar stool provides a luxurious tactile experience, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any modern kitchen or bar area. The high-density cushioning invites guests to linger over a casual brunch or evening cocktails, while the ergonomically curved backrest ensures support and comfort. Sturdy yet slender, the dark steel legs form a striking contrast with the softness of the velvet, culminating in a balanced design that captures both strength and finesse. The steel footrest not only reinforces stability but also offers a comfortable perch for your feet, making the Ecogy bar stool an emblem of sophisticated design and functionality. With its versatile aesthetic, it seamlessly adapts to an array of interior styles, from minimalist to industrial chic. Make a statement with this stylish addition that blends the allure of velvet with the edginess of steel—a true embodiment of modern elegance.


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