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Featuring a tempered glass surface paired with the natural beauty of ash wood, the Elmz Coffee Table Set offers an effortlessly chic addition to any modern living space. The main table, a vision in transparency, boasts a tempered glass top that floats above the room, lending an air of spaciousness and light. Its generous size is perfect for entertaining, serving as a stage for appetisers, cocktails, or your personal decor vignettes. The glass is a durable, easy-to-clean surface that resists scratches and heat, ensuring a pristine look through everyday use. Nestled beneath is the smaller counterpart, a side table that mirrors the main piece's aesthetic with a twist. When separated, it stands as a singular accent piece, ideal for a reading lamp or as a companion to your favourite lounge chair. The ash wood elements bring a touch of nature indoors, with their rich grain providing a warm contrast to the cool glass. This duo’s true charm lies in its versatility. Together, they form a cohesive unit that maximises surface area and design impact. Apart, they serve individual purposes, adapting to your lifestyle and space requirements with ease. The ash wood construction ensures stability and longevity, marrying the robustness of traditional furniture with the clean lines of modern design. Whether placed together for a layered look or positioned separately to complement different areas of your home, the Elmz Coffee Table Set is a celebration of contemporary style and practical design.


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