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Discover the Enigma, a stunning piece where geometry meets glamour. This 60cm mirror is encircled by a beautifully folded aluminium frame, boasting a rich green hue complemented by an inner chrome-plated mild steel plate that adds a touch of golden brilliance. The intricate pleating of the frame captures and reflects light, adding a dynamic play of shadows and highlights to your wall. This medium-sized mirror is not just a looking glass; it's a statement of design, offering a contemporary twist on classic elegance. The contrast between the vivid green and the reflective chrome creates an eye-catching effect that will draw admiration and intrigue. Perfectly at home in a sophisticated living room or a bold bedroom setting, it infuses your space with a sense of mystery and modernity. Elevate your decor with Enigma, a fusion of artful craftsmanship and striking colour. Let it be the centrepiece that not only reflects your image but also your impeccable taste for the uniquely beautiful. This is more than a mirror — it's a conversation starter, a piece of art, and a reflection of your personal style.


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