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Introducing Mosaic, a captivating presence in any room with its expansive 90cm diameter. This mirror is a true masterpiece, reminiscent of the sun's rays at dawn, with each strip of Nyatoh timber reaching out in a varnished finish that catches the light and warms the room with its rich, brown hues. The design is both organic and precise, an embodiment of nature's beauty matched with the craftsmanship of fine art. The wooden strips are meticulously placed, varying in length and angle, to create a dynamic and textural frame that is as much a reflection of the world outside as it is of the person standing before it. Perfect for those who appreciate the warmth of natural wood and the allure of thoughtful design, this large mirror is more than a mere reflective surface. It's a focal point, a conversation piece, and a timeless addition to any space that calls for a touch of natural elegance and the gentle reminder of the outdoors. Embrace the soothing essence of the Mosaic Large Mirror in your home, where every glance reveals a new perspective, not only of yourself but also of the exquisite space you've curated.


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