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Introducing the Radiant Green Frame Mirror in medium size – a masterpiece that encapsulates vibrant elegance within its sleek aluminium confines. This isn't just a mirror; it's a statement of style and a bold expression of modernity. With its striking green frame, it stands out as a centrepiece, adding a splash of colour and a breath of freshness to any room. The green hue of the aluminium frame is not only stylish but also speaks of quality and durability, ensuring that your space is graced with a lasting piece of art. The Radiant Green Frame Mirror is designed to be the focal point of your space, where functionality meets the art of design. Whether you're dressing up for the day or adding light and depth to your room, this mirror reflects not just your image, but your impeccable taste. Ideal for those who appreciate the fusion of bold design with practical use, this mirror brings a piece of the vibrant outdoors into your home. Bring home the Radiant Green Frame Mirror and let your space come alive with reflections of style.


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