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Step into the realm of luxurious dining with the sumptuous Shea velvet dining chair, a true embodiment of sophistication and tactile indulgence. Cloaked in a deep obsidian hue, the velvet upholstery is soft to the touch and shimmers subtly under ambient light, creating a rich visual and sensory experience. The chair's high back showcases a series of meticulously stitched vertical grooves, adding depth and character to its silhouette. This detail not only elevates its visual appeal but also offers ergonomic support, allowing one to lean back and enjoy leisurely meals in comfort. The seat, equally plush and generous, beckons you to sink in, promising unparalleled comfort during extended dinner parties or family gatherings. The gentle curve of the back seamlessly merges with the seat, highlighting a thoughtful design that prioritises both form and function. In stark contrast to its dark upholstery, the chair's legs are a masterclass in subtle detailing. Crafted in sleek matte black, each leg is gracefully tipped with a touch of gold, exuding an air of opulence. This metallic accent not only breaks the monochrome palette but also infuses a dash of contemporary flair. Whether gracing the head of a dining table or lined up alongside its peers, this velvet dining chair stands as a testament to refined aesthetics and plush comfort. Let it be the centrepiece that draws admiring glances or the seat that guests covet; its versatility is bound to impress.


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