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The Sommni Baoster is a bolster pillow inspired by the essence of a hug and crafted with care from 100% Natural Latex. This medium-firm pillow, whose name is derived from the Chinese word 抱 (bào) meaning hug, embodies comfort with purpose, particularly for side sleepers. The Sommni Baoster is meticulously designed to provide support and help align the human spine during sleep. It cradles you in a supportive embrace, allowing your body to find its natural alignment. This bolster pillow offers more than a mere resting place; it's a companion that understands the anatomical needs of your body. Encased in soothing Aloe Vera skincare fabric, the Sommni Baoster takes your comfort to the next level. This special fabric enhances your skin's natural regeneration process, adding a touch of luxury to your nightly routine, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized. Experience the tailored support that only the Sommni Baoster can provide. For a sleep that aligns, comforts, and embraces, choose the hug that never ends.


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