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Somnni Orthopaedic Choice Mattress stands out in Malaysia's firm mattress category, masterfully combining orthopaedic support with superior comfort. This mattress is a testament to meticulous design and quality, aimed at those who desire a firmer sleep surface without sacrificing comfort. At the heart of this mattress lies a unique composition of 100% natural latex, rubberised coconut fibre, and high-density PU support foam. This trio of materials provides a firm yet comfortable sleeping experience, ensuring you enjoy both support and plushness in one mattress. This mattress is distinguished by its exceptional back and spine support, adhering to the recommendations of top orthopaedic experts. Its medium firmness maintains the natural alignment of your body, fostering a restful and healthful sleep. This feature is particularly beneficial for maintaining postural health and ensuring long-term well-being. A prime choice for anyone in Malaysia, this ortho mattress strikes the ideal balance between firm support and comfort. It offers orthopaedic care that's not just beneficial but also enjoyable, making it a preferred option for those seeking a mattress that aligns with both their health needs and comfort preferences. Embrace the Somnni Orthopaedic Choice Mattress in single size for a sleep experience that's not just about rest, but about rejuvenating and supporting your body the right way.


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