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Indulge in the natural sophistication of the Sommni Pure Medium Density Natural Latex Pillow, the largest in our range at 67cm in length. This pillow is perfect for those who crave a substantial cushioning experience without forsaking support. Made with 100% Natural Latex, the inherent elasticity of this pillow means it effortlessly moulds to your movements during sleep. But what truly sets the Sommni Pure apart is its meticulous craftsmanship. The signature in-house pinhole design promotes air ventilation, ensuring a cool and refreshing sleep. With a thickness of 11cm, it offers a gentle transition for those accustomed to thinner pillows like Feather and Polyester. The balance between plush comfort and dependable support means that if you're yearning for a luxurious pillow that maintains its shape while providing nightly serenity, the Sommni Pure is not just a choice—it's a delight straight from Mother Nature.


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