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Embrace the beauty of simplicity with Streamline wood frame wall mirror. Measuring an expansive 75cm by 75cm, this medium-sized mirror artfully combines form with functionality. Fashioned from Nyatoh timber strips in a lustrous varnished finish, it exudes warmth and organic charm. The vertical arrangement of the timber strips around the central mirror injects a modern twist to the timeless appeal of wood, making it a versatile addition to both contemporary and classic interiors. Its substantial size is perfect for adding depth and light to your living space, creating an illusion of openness that is both inviting and comforting. Whether it's the focal point in a minimalist lounge or a complementary piece in a richly decorated hallway, Streamline is a testament to understated luxury. It's not just a reflection of your environment but also of your penchant for sleek and refined aesthetics. Let this mirror be a reflection of your discerning taste, adding a stroke of sophistication to your daily living space.


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