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Introducing the Victor Bedroom Set 2, a masterful combination of style, comfort, and functionality. This set provides the essentials for a sophisticated gentleman's sanctuary. At its heart, the Victor King Bed Frame exudes contemporary elegance, poised to anchor your space with its strong, clean lines. Accompanying the bed frame is the Sommni King Mattress, a haven of rest offering 100 nights to ensure your total satisfaction with its balanced medium firmness, natural latex construction, and a design focused on neck and shoulder support. Enhancing your sleep experience are two Sommni Wave Plus Pillows, the perfect complements to the mattress. These pillows are meticulously crafted to minimise strain and promote the proper posture necessary for a restful night's sleep, all while being hypoallergenic and sustainable. This set is completed by the Riordan Clothes Rack Set, a 3-piece combo that redefines versatility. Its robust metal structure and laminated boards offer a medium level of stain resistance, providing a stylish yet functional solution to your wardrobe organisation. Whether it's hanging your suits or storing your knits, the Riordan set makes keeping your garments in pristine condition effortless. Our Gentleman's Wake collection embodies the essence of a modern retreat, where every piece converges to create an environment that is as inviting as it is tasteful. Embrace the fusion of sophistication and practicality with this quintessential king bedroom set.


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