How to Wrap a Pillow as a Gift: 5 Easy Ways

How to Wrap a Pillow as a Gift: 5 Easy Ways

Are you looking to surprise someone with a thoughtful gift? A pillow might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it can be a cosy and practical present that shows you care. The art of gift-wrapping extends beyond traditional boxes and paper – even soft items like pillows can be beautifully presented. 

In this guide, we'll walk you through 5 easy ways to wrap a pillow as a gift, whether it's a large pillow or a unique-shaped cushion, all without a box. Get ready to impress your loved ones with your creative wrapping skills!

Things You'll Need

Before we dive into the wrapping methods, gather these supplies to make the process smooth and enjoyable:

Gift wrapping materials

Photo by Dorno 

  • A decorative fabric or wrapping paper

  • Scissors

  • Ribbon or twine

  • Tape or glue

  • Optional: embellishments like bows, tags, or flowers

5 Easy Ways to Wrap a Pillow Without a Box

Now that you have your materials ready, let's explore the 5 easy ways to wrap a pillow as a gift.

1. Classic Pillow Wrap

Classic gift wrapping

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While this method is applicable to pillows of any shape or size, it is mostly used for large bed pillows that are rectangular in shape. If you're wondering how to gift wrap such pillows, the classic method is a timeless choice.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Lay the pillow on a flat surface, ensuring it's well-fluffed and in good shape.

Step 2: Place the pillow at an angle on the centre of your chosen wrapping paper or fabric.

Step 3: Fold one side of the fabric over the pillow, tucking it neatly under the pillow.

Step 4: Fold the opposite side of the fabric over the pillow, overlapping the first fold slightly. Use tape or glue to secure the fabric in place.

Step 5: Fold up the remaining fabric at the top and bottom of the pillow, creating a neat envelope-like shape.

Step 6: Tie a decorative ribbon or twine around the middle of the pillow to add a finishing touch.

2. Envelope Pillow Wrap

Envelope gift wrapping

Photo by Diane Henkler on inmyownstyle 

For smaller pillows or sofa cushions, the envelope wrap is a charming way to present your gift. This method works particularly well because of its equal dimensions, ensuring a neat and tidy presentation:

Step 1: Lay the pillow diagonally on the wrapping paper or fabric.

Step 2: Fold one corner of the fabric over the pillow, making sure it covers about two-thirds of the pillow's width.

Step 3: Fold the opposite corner of the fabric over the pillow, aligning it with the first corner. The two corners should overlap slightly in the middle.

Step 4: Fold up the bottom corner of the fabric, tucking it under the pillow.

Step 5: Fold down the top corner of the fabric, creating a neat envelope-like closure.

Step 6: Secure the envelope with ribbon or twine tied around the middle.

3. Roll-Up Pillow Wrap

Rolled-up gift wrapping

Photo by We are scout 

This method is ideal for wrapping pillows without a box, offering a stylish look for pillows of any size or shape. It's particularly well-suited for bolster pillows, accentuating their elongated shape and enhancing their overall presentation:

Step 1: Place the pillow vertically at the centre of the wrapping paper or fabric; however, for a square throw pillow or a bolster pillow, the positioning does not matter.

Step 2: Roll the pillow tightly from the bottom to the top, creating a snug cylinder shape.

Step 3: Once rolled up, secure the fabric with tape or glue to prevent unwrapping.

Step 4: Tie ribbon or twine around the middle of the rolled-up pillow to add a decorative touch.

4. Circular Pillow Wrap

circular pillow wrap

Photo by Laura Gummerman on abeautifulmess

Wrapping a circular pillow, like the circle throw pillows often seen as decorative elements, can be tricky, but this method simplifies the process:

Step 1: Lay the circular pillow at the centre of the wrapping paper or fabric.

Step 2: Gather the fabric around the sides of the pillow, creating pleats if necessary, to ensure a snug fit.

Step 3: Secure the gathered fabric with tape or glue to maintain the shape.

Step 4: Tie a decorative ribbon or twine around the middle of the circular pillow, accentuating its unique shape.

5. Pillowcase Gift Bag

Pillowcase gift bag

Photo by HAYLEY GRZYCH on weallsew 

When you're wondering how to wrap a pillowcase, this method is a fun and creative solution:

Step 1: Lay the pillowcase flat on a surface, ensuring it's clean and well-pressed.

Step 2: Place the pillow diagonally in one corner of the pillowcase.

Step 3: Fold the bottom corner of the pillowcase up, covering the pillow.

Step 4: Fold the opposite side of the pillowcase over the pillow, creating an overlapping closure.

Step 5: Secure the pillowcase's open end with ribbon or twine, creating a charming gift bag effect.


1. How do you wrap an odd-shaped pillow?

There's a trick to make wrapping an odd-shaped pillow easy. Start by folding the pillow in half. This helps it become more manageable and gives a neat edge.

Then, use tape or something sticky to keep the corners in place. That way, the fabric won't move while you're wrapping. Lastly, wrap the fabric around the pillow and use pins or clips to keep it secure.

2. Can you wrap a pillow with a ribbon?

Yes, putting a ribbon around a pillow is a nice idea to make your gift special. It's not hard to do, don't worry. Just make sure to pick a durable and slightly stretchy ribbon.

This helps the fabric stay neat and not get all wrinkled. Once you have the ribbon you like, measure enough to go all around the pillow's edge. Use a special pen to mark where you'll cut the ribbon. Then, either use glue or sew the ribbon carefully in place. 

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Gift-wrapping a pillow doesn't have to be complicated. With these 5 easy methods, you can add a touch of creativity and thoughtfulness to your presents. Whether you're wrapping large pillows, circular ones, or cushion gifts, these techniques will help you impress your loved ones and make your gift stand out.

Check out our durable and quality sofa cushions and natural latex pillows in Malaysia, grab your wrapping materials and get ready to give the gift of comfort and warmth!

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