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Bed Frames Malaysia

A stylish yet functional bed frame is a centerpiece of every bedroom. A bed frame combined with a quality mattress provides good sleep and makes one high-functioning throughout the next day. Depending on the bed frame style and design you can either eliminate visual noise from your bedroom and make it a neutral space to have a good rest, or you can opt for a more bright and unusual design making your bedroom a statement. 

If you are looking for a king-size or a queen-size bed frame, either made of wood or other materials or if you need something more practical and functional like a divan or a storage bed with some storage space inside, we have options to suit almost every customer demand and price range expectation in CUURA Space online shop in Malaysia!

A Perfect Bed Frame Type

A bed frame can elevate your bedroom style and enhance overall ambiance, as well as provide more functional space for storage. It all depends on your needs. Visit our website, and be sure you will find your own perfect piece of the puzzle!

Taking into consideration your initial needs and price requests, CUURA Space offers you a long list of options from which to fulfill your request. Upgrade your night's sleep quality and visit our online furniture store. Amongst various bed frame types we offer, you can find:

King Bed Frame in Malaysia

As per Malaysian standards, king-size bed frame measures are about 183 × 190 cm. A spacious place to have an amazing night of sleep. Still, you had better double-check your room dimensions to ensure that the chosen sample is a perfect fit.  

Queen-sized Bed Frame in Malaysia

In Malaysia, a queen size bed is about 152 × 190 cm. The dimensions might slightly differ from those, since some design variations and material types can add a couple of cms. Visit CUURA space website to shop for a queen bed frame online in Malaysia, and you will find a broad range of samples for every style request and budget. 

Sofa Beds

A sofa bed aims to fulfill two purposes: it functions as a place to sleep while having been unfolded and at the same time it can be transformed into a sofa, offering you and your guests a comfortable place to sit. That bed type is a perfect fit for customers with limited bedroom space for bedroom furniture. It is an exceptional fit for a small bedroom, and it provides additional storage, thus increasing the functionality of the available space.

Chaise Lounge and Day Beds

Whether you need to create a comfortable spot where you can relax in the middle of the day or sneak with a good book, or you are looking for a piece of furniture to enhance overall elegance of the room, or maybe you are looking for a place you can easily transform to a bed CUURA Space a Malaysia online store will have something for everyone. 

Our day beds are designed to ensure comfort and practicality, and you can simply obtain a high-quality mattress and will be sleeping like a log on our day bed. 

Best Bed Frames in Malaysia

A perfect bed is more than just a place to sleep. When choosing a bed, do it carefully and choose a reliable company to work with.

Why should you choose us?

  1. We utilize a vast variety of materials to craft our bed frames. We offer sheer wooden, metal frames. As well as options upholstered with leather, faux leather or fabric. As well, platform bed frames encompass several pieces or a solid platform. 

  2. Appealing prices. Whether you want to purchase a luxurious piece or your budget is restricted, you will find a suitable option from our catalog. Enjoy free delivery within Klang Valley, and don't forget to visit our sales section.

  3. Company reputation. An extensive list of positive reviews speaks for itself. We are proud of our furniture and relish our company's credibility.

Visit our “Bed Frames” section to get more information on our products and discover a piece of furniture that will be a perfect match for your room. Affordable prices, versatile design options: whether you want something luxury or you want to settle on a more classic piece: our catalog is more than ample to furnish a room!

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

The prices vary broadly. The final estimate for a frame in Malaysia can vary for each individual order due to material and piece structure. Before making a purchase, don't forget to take into consideration the quality and maintenance properties of materials because it saves you money down the road.
Solid headboards made of wood are advised. They ensure a feeling of security and stability. Avoid bed frames with sharp shapes, corners since they can affect the flow of a good energy.
Wooden, especially those of hardwoods (oak, for instance). Also, metal constructions (such as steel or wrought iron) are very sturdy.
It is better than just placing a mattress on a bare surface. It lifts the mattress from the floor level, as a result you will get better air flow and will be less prone to pollen and other allergens. It adds visual flavor to the room and can give you an extra storage space (see divan bed frame, frames with drawers).
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