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Queen Bed Frame

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Queen Bed Frame, Malaysia

Do you often wake up after a long night of sleep feeling drained and groggy? You go to bed early, restrict your coffee consumption, meditate, and try new sleeping positions, but the unexplained fatigue won't go away? Well, one of the hidden reasons for your weariness might be the worn-out or broken bed frame, so it may be helpful to replace it with a new one.

Your bed frame needs to be switched to a new one if:

  1. The bed frame's slats create crackling and squeaking sounds when you toss and turn around.

  2. The base of your bed frame sags and causes your mattress to sink, making it impossible to relax.

  3. You see that the slats are snapped or slit, which means one careless movement can cause your bed to fall apart.

  4. You need more storage space under the bed.

In CUURA Space's stock, you can find a wide range of stylish queen bed frames for lovely ladies and king bed frames for dear gentlemen at a regular price of around RM2000. Here, you can find whatever bed frame your soul desires: upholstered in leather, faux leather, or fabric, with or without additional storage and drawers. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to get a good night's sleep. Shop for our quality bed frames in the CUURA Space online shop in Malaysia.

Choosing your queen-size bed frame's material

CUURA Space has many queen and king-size bed frames in stock. 

We reviewed the pros and cons of choosing different materials for a bed frame to help you narrow down your choices:

  • Wood frame

Good old wood remains the prevailing choice for a bed frame, and it is not without reason. Coming in different colors to suit everybody's taste, wooden king and queen-size bed frames will bring comfort and style to your bedroom. Wooden frames will perfectly fit a small bedroom, oozing cozy and rustic vibes to a space. The big plus is that wooden frames are low maintenance and extremely easy to clean.

  • Metal bed frame

Metal allows creators to adorn the bed with intricate ornaments that will upgrade the design of your bedroom tremendously. The sleek design of brass beds can be a perfect fit for a minimalist, industrial bedroom, and the tangled beauty of the wrought iron bed frame style may complete the look of a royal medieval chamber. From a practical point of view, metal bed frames are very resistant to fire, bug, and water damage. The bad news is that they are far more squeakier than their counterparts, made from different materials.

  • Upholstered frame types

Bed frames upholstered with fabrics such as velvet, leather, or suede are considered the epitome of comfort and opulence. Some bed frames are garnished with embellishments such as lavish needlework or button studding to add texture to your bedroom. However, fabric requires more delicate treatment and regular cleaning.


CUURA Space queen and king-size bed frames come in different materials and styles to suit every taste and preference and can be conveniently ordered from our stock. Visit our website for more information on special price offers. 

Best bed frames at CUURA Space online shop, Malaysia

Our history is brief but full of accomplishments. Numerous rave reviews prove that CUURA Space is the best place to shop for bedroom furniture. We often offer queen—and king-size bed frames at special prices to make a good night's sleep affordable for everyone. 

If you shop in CUURA Space, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Quality. Thousands of people have restored their healthy sleep cycle with our quality bed frames. They savor comfort in use and maintenance, as most of the bed frames in our shop are highly stain-resistant.

  2. Variety of choice. You will find many styles, fabrics, and sizes to satisfy your preferences.

  3. Free delivery and installation. You can get your bed frame delivered and installed for free with an order of RM2000 within Klang Valley, Malaysia.

Order today and start your better sleeping schedule with a new queen bed frame from CUURA Space.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Customers with mobility issues can make the most use of higher bed frames and mattresses. If you are afraid of heights, a low-profile bed frame is a good option for you.
Mark out the dimensions of a future bed on the floor to make sure that the room can accommodate it and there is enough place for the door, wardrobe or storage drawers under the bed to open conveniently. You should have at least 50 cm of room around the bed to walk freely.
Check the legs for any protective glides or covers to make sure they don't hook to your carpet or scratch your floor. If you are a fan of rearranging then opt for legs with wheels on the base to make the process less tiresome and leave some energy for artistic creation.
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