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Rugs to keep your feet warm, cosy and toasty

Complement your furniture with a designer rug!

Your home can benefit greatly from the elegance that rugs and carpets can bring. You can choose the ideal one to complement your décor because they are available in a range of styles, colours, and materials. Additionally, you can use rugs to shield your flooring from scuffs and damage. Rugs may help keep hardwood floors appearing brand new by preventing scratches and scuffs. Rugs may insulate your house, improving its energy efficiency. They can aid in keeping your feet warm in the winter and your house cool in the summer. Every home needs rugs, and the distinctive designs of these carpets will impress your visitors.


Wool rugs

The most popular material for hand-knotted rugs is wool. Depending on the rug's origin, it may also be sourced locally from sheep herds. Wool is frequently used for the warp and weft in addition to the pile. Wool is still frequently spun by hand nowadays.


Fibre rugs

Polypropylene yarn is frequently used to make fibre rugs because it is strong and has a low absorption rate, making it perfect for high activity areas. For individuals looking for a rug whose colour will last over time, the material is also resistant to fading and stains. In addition, polypropylene yarn is reasonably 


Any theme in your room will look great with these rugs

Any area can benefit from the personality-enhancing touch that rugs can bring. You're likely to discover a rug that matches your style, whether you're searching for something fun and vibrant or slick and chic. The best part is that rugs are a cheap and simple method to update your decor. Guests will be intrigued by designer rugs and may even ask you where you obtained them, which may be a fantastic discussion starter. Therefore, think about adding a few rugs to your area if you're weary of your current décor but don't want to spend a lot of money on new furnishings. You'll be astonished by how drastically they may alter the appearance and ambiance of any space.


These rugs are comfortable for your feet and safe

They come in a range of colours and patterns to suit every preference and are constructed of soft, natural fabrics that are comfortable to walk on. These rugs are a great option whether you're searching for one for your living room, bedroom, or home office. They are not only fashionable and cosy, but they are also composed of non-toxic, secure materials. Therefore, go no further than these designer rugs if you want a rug that is both lovely and soft underfoot.


Made from the highest quality materials and craftsmanship

Our rugs are produced using only the best components and techniques. We only use the best wool, silk, and cotton, and we handcrafted it well into each of our rugs to increase longevity. To assure the finest degree of quality, each rug is additionally hand-washed and hand-dyed. Our carpets come in a range of shapes, hues, and patterns, and we can create a rug especially for you if necessary.

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