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Rugs Malaysia

A rug is just a tiny piece of home decor. Some say you can add it to your room, but it won't make a huge difference. Well, the Devil is in the details. If placed before bed, a rug is the first thing your feet touch in the cold ambiance of the morning. If placed at the entrance, a door mat gathers all dirt from your shoes, not letting it spread inside of the house and shrinking the frequency of cleanings. Placing a rug inside of the bathroom is not only a matter of functionality and decoration; it is essential for safety reasons.

CUURA Space suggests looking over a wide range of rugs in Malaysia! Find unique design options and models of various sizes and shapes backed up by superior quality. Pick one of our rugs and mats and give your home a tinge of coziness and warmth paired with functionality. 

Rugs online in Malaysia

We relate to the feeling when you have your room decorated; everything seems to be in place, but still, the feeling that something is missing pertains. The room lacks a cherry on top, a final stroke. No worries, we have got you covered.  

Familiarize yourself with our collection of rugs, mats, and carpets, and choose the product that will transform your room into a space with color and texture, warmth, and coziness. Whether you are looking for a way to accentuate your room or you are more of a minimalist in design, you will find a perfect option in the CUURA Space online rug store in Malaysia.

  1. A perfect rug size

Discover all rug size options represented in CUURA Space online store. Size range varies from extra large (400×300 cm) to medium (290×200 cm) and small (180×180 cm.) If the room is not too spacious, our extra-large option fits perfectly and can be used as a modern carpet. 

However, it is more convenient in terms of cleaning — you can just roll a cozy and plush piece and bring it to the laundry, which is more affordable than ordering professional cleaning services. 

  1. Materials 

Top-notch fiber, polyester, polypropylene yarn. Whether you're looking for a more eco-friendly offer, we are eager to present our rungs made of plain wool. 

  1. Shapes

Visit our CUURA Space online shop and explore the specimens of many shapes: round, oval, square. Oval and round shapes of medium and small sizes complement perfectly the steps and the front door space welcoming the guests. Style your room with modern rugs in Malaysia, place a piece in the middle of the living area or under furniture (for instance a coffee table) and add warmth and structure to the space. 

  1. Design aesthetics

Browse for a rug and see all the design options available on the website. Depending on the room concept and the personal style of your living space, we will provide you with a broad selection of rugs if you are looking for something classic or something more eclectic or contemporary with an exquisite pattern and a bright color tone. 

Shop Online at CUURA Space Modern Rugs

Buy modern rugs online to bring luxury, comfort, and style to your bedroom, living room, or study. We ensure our floor rugs are made of durable materials and are easy to clean. 

Our customers are guaranteed with the following perks:

  1. Free delivery within Khang Valley and free installation are available.

  2. Affordable prices. Don't hesitate to check out our best-selling and discount segments and find affordable rugs that will spotlessly suit your space. 

  3. The company's reliability is backed up by plenty of positive reviews from our customers.

  4. A broad choice of options, appealing to everyone's taste.

Order today to bring style to your home and enhance the overall ambiance of your house. Stay updated for new collections and discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Round rugs are considered to be good for Feng Shui. Smooth corners are believed to be capable of providing the circulation of good energy. Natural materials (wool, for example) are desired but not required.
Cleaning and vacuuming a rug are crucial to prolong a rug's durability. However, there are specific instructions for doing it in a more correct way so that you avoid accidentally causing damage to a rug.
Regular vacuuming is critical. It helps to eliminate everyday dirt from the surface and also prevents discoloration down the road. Vacuum a rug in different directions. Switch the vacuum cleaner settings to a low-power mode.
If you spill something, clean it immediately by placing some material first to absorb the unrequited moisture. If you use special cleaning products, ensure they are removed in the end, and the rug is dry. Every two years get your rug professionally cleaned.
No. Our free return policy spreads on every item except for accessories and custom-made items. Unfortunately, our bed supplies (mattresses, pillows), paintings and everything you can find in the 'accessories' section are not subject to our return policy.
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