About Us


What Do We Do?

At CUURA Rent, we understand the importance of making a rental property appealing and inviting to potential tenants. That's why we've created a one-stop solution for rental property owners to furnish and enhance their properties with designer-style furniture at affordable prices.
Founded by a dynamic team of three, CUURA Rent is dedicated to helping property investors achieve high-profit margins in the shortest possible amount of time.

What we do?

We specialise in providing full home makeover services that transform bare rental properties into outstanding and marketable spaces. In just 7-14 days, your entire unit will be fully furnished and ready to be listed for rent.
Sit back, relax, relax, and let us handle all aspects of the home makeover process. We make it simple and easy for you to win the big game in the rental market.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to bring pride and comfort into every home. We envision a future where furniture shopping is a seamless and enjoyable experience, and where everyone has access to high-quality furnishings that fit their style and budget.
As an online-only, direct-to-consumer furniture retailer, we are dedicated to disrupting the furniture shopping experience in Southeast Asia through technology and data. Our team works together like a family to make our clients' dream rooms come true, and we believe that a mismatched home is not a home. We serve clients from all over the world because we believe that opportunities are limitless.
CUURA Rent is also an equal-opportunity workplace, with a flat hierarchy where everyone is welcome to join our pioneer team and challenge the furniture industry to keep up with us.
Join us on our journey to bring pride and comfort into every home, one space at a time.