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Bedding & Mattresses, Malaysia

A quality night's sleep is crucial for a human's health. If restful and undisturbed, it ensures you refresh and reboot after a hard day, crossing your doorstep with renewed productivity. Good quality mattresses contribute to posture improvement and relieve spinal pain; they also help reduce stress and improve overall emotional well-being. 

CUURA Space introduces a wide range of mattresses you will fall in love with! Delivering superior comfort and support, they unhold the right level of firmness, which provides a warranty that you wake up feeling super energized and well-rested. 

High-Quality Mattress Collection

We know how important it is to find the perfect mattress or pillow. Our mattresses are made of natural latex and high-density support foam, which enables them to evenly distribute the pressure through the entire mattress, minimizing product dissimilar sagging and maximizing the comfort of your good night sleep. 

Explore the largest range of premium mattresses designed using advanced technology and unique features that boost your sleeping experience to an unsurpassed level of comfort!

Ideal Mattress Size at CUURA Space

At CUURA Space, any customer can buy mattresses that cater to their specific requirements. This includes compact single mattresses, suitable for individuals of any height and perfect for single sleepers, as well as larger king-size mattresses designed for couples seeking extra space to stretch out comfortably or cuddle with their pets.

Bedding: Addition to Mattress in Malaysia

If you're seeking bedding that boasts comfort from a soft fiber feel and consistent support, with breathable material molding to your movements, CUURA Space also offers an extensive range of pillows. With our highest-quality mattresses and bedding, you don't have to worry about proper spinal alignment or getting the blissful sleep you deserve. 

150-Night Trial Testing for Restful Sleep

Finding the mattress that is both firm and comfortable is not easy because its experiences are all profoundly individual. Hence, we have a cool solution for you: we offer you the option to sleep soundly on your chosen mattress for 150 days and then discover your ideal mattress fit!

Free Delivery for a Malaysian Mattress

Every mattress bought from CUURA Space includes complimentary delivery. You don't need to think about how to transport the product; we'll make sure to bring it right to your house without extra charge!

Malaysia's Mattress Advantages

That's fair to say that when it comes to outstanding snugness, CUURA Space has a lot to offer. Our online shop suggests choosing from a large number of mattress options that flaunt the following:

  1. Natural fabric. The natural latex layer not only allows airflow but also effectively absorbs moisture, which makes a natural latex mattress perfect for Malaysia's tropical climate.

  2. Plush texture. Only a mattress made to grant a relaxing touch can provide the level of comfort usually found in the most luxurious hotels. 

  3. Orthopedic spine support. It allows your spine to take its natural position during sleep, improving your posture or preserving its well-being in the long run.

  4. Pressure relief technology. A gel-memory foam mattress contours our body, allowing it to alleviate pressure on the shoulder, hip joints, and lower back, improving blood circulation and boosting your overall health.

  5. Longevity. We make sure that your favorite mattress serves you for years, guaranteeing sound sleep.

To learn about the desired option in detail, it'll be helpful to check the product's description. With our diversity of products, a good mattress is already in your pocket!

CUURA Space Mattress Purchase

CUURA Space is a renowned online shop that stands out thanks to its furniture, decor, and higher-quality sleep products. Satisfied customers recommend us for a number of reasons, including:

  • Diverse choices tailored to personal comfort needs and health situations;

  • Top factory quality and advanced technologies ensure luxurious, breathable textures, and overall proper support, leading to tranquil sleep and pain reduction, as well as long-lasting durability;

  • A clear return and exchange policy;

  • Options at different price points, supported by regular promotions;

  • 150-night trial period to find the ideal mattress;

  • Zero hustle at the stage of shipping, as well as free mattress delivery.

Buy online in CUURA Space, Malaysia, to enjoy a wide range of customized mattress options at a reasonable price and the unmatched convenience of the online shop!


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Some people prefer spring mattresses, while others lean towards memory foam ones. There are customers who prioritize the cooling properties of latex mattresses and those with back pain who need an orthopedic mattress. That's exactly why we came up with a 150-day trial period, so you have time to decide!
Mattresses come in various firmness levels and materials, like memory foam, latex, or springs, and are intended for daily use. They're good for consistent support and comfort throughout the night. Air beds are portable and adjustable, allowing you to inflate or deflate them for desired firmness.
Providing a comfortable and supportive surface to sleep on is their main purpose. However, many mattresses offer additional perks like orthopedic features, exceptional softness, or enhanced breathability, which results in a rejuvenating sleep experience.
Mattresses differ in choice of materials, levels of firmness, sizes (single, queen, king), and availability of additional features. Sometimes, to find the right one, you'll need to think outside the box. In CUURA Space, we help you make the perfect choice and enjoy your serene sleep for many years afterward!
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