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Mattresses, Malaysia

It is necessary to know how important quality restful sleep is for human health and well-being. This allows us to get rid of pressure after a hard day, to regain strength and refresh your productivity. The mattress primarily affects the quality of your sleep, and also supports your posture, so choosing a good mattress is extremely essential.

But don't worry! You can choose the perfect option in our online store CUURA Space. Our renowned mattresses ensure you comfort and support during a night's sleep, maintain the necessary level of firmness, which helps you to wake up with a feeling of increased energy. We have prepared for you a wide range that you will fall in love with!

The Best Mattresses Collection At CUURA Space

Each of us wants to get a good product that will last us for many years. It is possible to do this in our store. In the manufacture of mattresses, CUURA Space focuses on quality first, so that you can experience super pleasure from using our products.

We invite you to explore the largest range of premium mattresses and offer a fair trade with our unique collection, which provide:

  • Luxury mattress materials. Our mattresses are made of memory foam and 100% natural latex, which makes them very helpful for creating a serene sleep, maintaining shoulders and controlling the comfortable position of your body. Latex mattresses designed using advanced technology are highly recommended for a good night's sleep.

  • Perfect Mattress Size. CUURA Space provides a wide range of sizes so that you can choose the right mattress for yourself. If you are looking for a single bed mattress, then a compact single mattress is ideal for one person. In addition, there is a choice of a larger mattress, which is suitable for couples who want to feel like a king and queen and have extra space.

  • Extra comfort in bed. You no longer have to choose between soft or hard when buying a new mattress. Thanks to memory foam, our latex mattresses are able to adjust to you to create maximum comfort and zero reasons to interrupt your rest.

CUURA Space Mattress Purchase: Benefits

CURA Space always pleases its customers with favorable offers and stands out among competitors thanks to good-quality furniture and sleep products made for your highest comfort.

Why do you need to buy mattresses in Malaysia in our store? We highlight a number of advantages:

  1. Wide selection of products. The widest choice to meet the needs of each customer.

  2. Free delivery. Shipping directly to your bedroom without additional charges.

  3. 10-year warranty. We are confident in the good quality of our products. See for yourself because you are not taking any risks with our guarantee offer.

  4. Exchange opportunity. CUURA Space provides a unique opportunity to try out our mattresses. We propose a 150-night trial with the confidence that you will not want to part with the mattress after the first sleep.

  5. Free advice. If you need help, our online consultant will answer all your questions, give you details about our products, and help you choose the ideal option.

Buy online in our CUURA Space store. The best Malaysian goods, reasonable prices, high-quality service, and great purchases are waiting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The choice of mattresses for beds provides the following types: memory effect mattresses, mattresses with internal springs, hybrid mattresses, latex mattresses, and air mattresses. There is no one good or bad type of mattress in the list. All of them have a number of advantages and are able to meet your individual needs. However, the first two models presented are more popular.
When choosing a mattress, you need to rely on your personal preferences and needs. You need to think about the following things: the position and size of your sleeping place, body weight, health problems or preventive treatment, allergies. You can also choose the appropriate fabric or the firmness level that suits your taste.
It is recommended to change mattresses within 7–10 years of active use. However, the indicator may vary. It depends on the quality of the mattress and its care. If you do not feel any negative changes in comfort during sleep, then there is no need to change the mattress. However, with any changes in comfort or health, you need to think about buying a new option.
There is a misconception that all mattresses need to be turned over, but this is not the case. For example, memory mattresses are designed to be used in one direction. To be sure whether you need to turn the mattress over, you need to read the manufacturer's recommendation.
A firm mattress bends less under your weight and shows confident support for your body. This mattress is suitable for those who like to sleep on their back or stomach. While the plush mattress provides cushioning and reduces pressure. This option is suitable for those who sleep on their side.
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