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Chest of Drawers, Malaysia

Organization of storage space in your home is an integral part of creating a cozy, stylish and practical atmosphere. The question arises: which element of furniture embodies all these characteristics? We have the answer. This is the chest of drawers, which has outstanding functional, storage and aesthetic capabilities.

CUURA store in Malaysia offers a wide range of chests of drawers. Here you can always choose a model that will meet your household needs, taste preferences and financial capabilities.

Chest of Drawers: Your Perfect Pick

What do you think is the main criterion for selecting a chest of drawers? The answer to this question lies in the name, namely, in the number of drawers, depending on which we distinguish three groups.

Medium chest of drawers

The basic number of drawers in such models is five, namely, two small drawers and three large ones. This chest of drawers is ideal for organization of storage space in a compact bedroom or living room. The minimalistic design will fit into the interior of any area, and the structure stability will guarantee durability.

Large chest of drawers

The range of possibilities of this model is much wider, thanks to six drawers. Firstly, this storage item holds plenty of clothes, which means it can serve as a dresser. Secondly, large drawers create a vast surface area, so if you decide to put it in a common room, you can use a chest of drawers as a TV stand. Thirdly, this model is perfectly symmetrical, therefore, this is the best pick for all perfectionists.

Ultra-large chest of drawers

If you thought that six boxes is the maximum, then we are in a hurry to present a model with seven ones. Without exaggeration, in this chest of drawers you can store everything from clothes and bed linen to household appliances and construction tools. The monumentality of this chest of drawers will create a perfect match with an interior that is imbued with luxury vibes.

CUURA's Chest of Drawers Privileges

When people buy furniture for a bedroom, kitchen or study office, they very often come across the fact that the purchased model does not match what they saw on the store's website.

We can assure you that this is not possible in the case of the CUURA platform:

  1. Luxury materials

The durability of both small and large drawers is determined by the material quality. When we speak about CUURA, we mean only the top-end materials, starting with a premium MDF board and ending with solid wood. If you choose a chest of drawers from the CUURA store, then you can be sure that it will last you for several decades without a single scratch.

  1. Reliability of structures

Very often, buyers complain that during installation, furniture parts do not match each other, do not fit into the grooves, and sometimes even break. We can't say the same about our customers, as every drawer chest smoothly fits into the groove, and every leg is as stable as possible.

  1. Furniture versatility

If you visit our main page, then you will immediately pay attention to the design and coloring of models, since any configuration is suitable for the interior of any home. You will agree that saturated brown shades from oak to aspen cannot violate the integrity of room design.

In addition, CUURA shop offers the most pleasant prices on the market in Malaysia, because here you can find the best chest of drawers in the range from RM 1500 to RM 3500, and this is another good reason to visit us.

CUURA Space Online Furniture Store

If a chest of drawers is the best tool in the organization of storage areas, then the CUURA store is the best platform for buying furnishings items.

Shopping with CUURA shop is as easy as possible:

  • Our interface is suitable for users of any level, as everything is intuitive and simple.

  • The products that you see on the website are always in stock.

  • No matter where you are, we are ready to deliver your order to any location in Malaysia.

  • We offer not only the most pleasant prices but also constant promotions/discounts.

  • CUURA's technical department is always ready to help you and answer any questions.

CUURA shop offers the best customer experience, which, together with the widest range of products, makes this platform number one! It's time to create the perfect home environment with the CUURA shop!

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Chest of drawers is an indispensable item in your home, as it contributes to the effective organization of storage clothes, can serve as a stand for books, computer or TV, and also it perfectly decorates the interior.
Such parameters as size, material, and number of drawers directly affect the final price, but if we will generalize, then you can count on a price in the range from RM 1500 to RM 4000, however, there are premium models for RM 4000+.
It all depends on your goals, e.gIf you want to use a chest of drawers as a dresser in a bedroom, then a 6-drawer model is suitable, however, for storing small things, a 5-drawer model will be the most preferred one.
CUURA is the best shop in Malaysia because we offer the top materials, including solid wood and MDF board. It is easy to shop online with us, and we also offer the most affordable price tags.
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