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TV cabinet, Malaysia

Today, you can find a TV in every home; however, there are rare cases when we can call the organization of a TV space aesthetically pleasing, despite the fact that there is an item in the world of furniture that 100% copes with this function, namely the functional TV cabinet. This piece of furniture will bring practicality and efficiency in storing things, as well as will boost the overall style of the living room.

CUURA Space invites you to discover the largest collection of TV cabinets in Malaysia. Here you will find models of a wide variety of styles and materials, as well as top-end service when making your order.

TV Cabinets: All About Functionality

What functions can the classic TV cabinet perform? The layman will most likely name no more than two positions; however, the functional range of TV units is unlimited.

Viewing experience upgrade

If you watch a movie on the TV, which stands on a special cabinet and just on the floor, you will understand the difference. In the first case, the whole range of colors and sounds will open up to you, as if you are in a cinema and watching your favorite TV shows or movies will turn into a real pleasure.

Storage of household things

Each TV cabinet, without exception, is equipped with several drawers for storing items of different sizes. Depending on the model, the number and size of drawers may vary; however, in any case, such a piece of furniture will bring order to the household chaos.

Home interior improvement

Today, there are many designs of TV cabinets, e.g., from classic and strict wood to delicate beige. By choosing a certain style of TV cabinet, you improve the overall aesthetic component of your living room, very subtly emphasizing the sense of taste and uniqueness of the interior.

In our store, each TV cabinet model meets all three of the above characteristics, so the choice in favor of CUURA Space guarantees an improvement in the life quality.

CUURA TV Cabinets in Malaysia

There are plenty of styles of TV cabinets and the main factor that determines the difference between the models is the material.

Let's discover this component of TV cabinet selection together:

  1. Natural wood

The most familiar version of the TV stand, which you will find in any collection, is a model made of premium-quality wood. Such TV cabinets always look stylish, and also, importantly, have an unlimited shelf life.

  1. Glass TV cabinets

If you are an adherent of non-bulky and light furniture when equipping the living room interior, then a glass TV cabinet is your option. Unlike the fragile showcase in the jewelry shop, such glass is unbreakable, which is very important for any homeowner.

  1. MDF TV consoles

Durability and resistance to any external stimuli are the two main characteristics of a TV cabinet made of medium-density fibreboard (MDF). This is a very affordable material, which means that such a TV cabinet model will have an acceptable price tag.

Unlike other online furniture stores in Malaysia, at CUURA, you will find all these designs in stock because this is the best platform for creating an ideal home!

Online Furniture Shopping with CUURA Store

It is impossible to gain public recognition only with a large selection of TV cabinets. It is also necessary to constantly improve the quality of service and in this component our online shop is ahead of everyone by several steps.

The following shopping conditions await you on CUURA platforms:

  • The intuitive design of an online store will suit everyone, regardless of Internet usage level.

  • An effective filtering system in which you can create a query to find a suitable model, and in case of dissatisfaction, you can easily clean filters and install new ones.

  • Order delivery to any region of Malaysia in the shortest possible time and with a guarantee of integrity.

  • Round-the-clock technical support for any issues.

Let's start creating comfort with the CUURA shop right now! Just add the most preferred TV cabinet to your shopping cart, and we will deliver the order right to your doorstep!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The modern TV cabinet performs a triple function, namely, in the classic version it serves as a stand for your TV and opens up new visual possibilities, as well as becomes a storage item and improves the aesthetics of the living room.
In our store, the minimum price of a TV cabinet is RM 1300, and the average price for most models is around RM 2200. However, there are premium cabinets for RM 4000 and above.
Buying furniture online has several undeniable benefits, in particular, the opportunity to examine the model in detail without leaving home, take advantage of hot discounts and save time when going to the store.
The main strength of the CUURA store is its wide selection of stylish and functional TV cabinets. In addition to this, we provide the best shopping experience and the fastest delivery in Malaysia.
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