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1 Seater Sofa

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One-Seater Sofa, Malaysia

The main trend in home interior creation is the choice in favor of multifunctional furniture. There are many options in this category, from foldable beds to transformer tables. However, no item can compete with a one-seater sofa in terms of such a harmonious combination of style and functionality.

CUURA store in Malaysia invites you to visit its online platform and get acquainted with the widest selection of sofas for any purpose, interior and budget.

1-Seater Sofas & Design Versatility

When people start choosing a sofa for home, they do not even suspect how unique this piece of furniture is, the main feature of which lies in the variety of styles and configurations.

Classic one-seater sofa

The design review is impossible to imagine without the classic version of the 1 seater sofa. A slightly understated fit, three soft cushions and absolute comfort while sitting in any position are the main characteristics that will attract any homeowner.

Armchair 1 seater sofa

The most unique model in our selection is the armchair sofa. The combination of a soft cushion and strict armrests is ideal for both an office and a bedroom. Moreover, such an exquisite style will emphasize your sense of elegance.

High back one-seater sofa

Among all the designs, this sofa format is the most unusual because it is a combination of a classic chair and a sofa. The high backrest provides comfort when sitting, supports the back, and is a priority choice for a home designed in a retro style.

Pixel 1 seater sofa 

In contrast to the previous position, such sofas create an ideal match with modern interiors. This model got its name due to the upholstery, which divides the sofa into equilateral squares like pixels. Interestingly, very often, such sofas are part of a large sofa module.

CUURA 1 Seater Sofas: Choice Advantages

The decision on the preferred sofa style is only half a step towards choosing the perfect model.

It is advisable to take into account a number of other factors, and here, the CUURA shop has something to offer you:

  1. Premium quality materials

We all want the purchased sofa to last as long as possible and the CUURA furniture store can give such a guarantee. We offer models of the best quality, where every detail from cushion to seating is made of premium materials. Wear & moisture resistance and velvety softness are just the tip of the iceberg when we talk about sofas in CUURA shops.

  1. Wide range of sizes

Each home is unique in terms of the area size. This fact directly affects the overall dimensions of the sofa you are buying, and if you are worried that you can not pick the perfect size, then we hasten to dispel all your doubts. The CUURA store offers the widest range of sizes, here you will find both models designed for large areas and options for modest apartments.

  1. Colors variability

Material quality and size are essential, but the first thing that every human pays attention to is the visual component, in particular, the color. On our platform you will find sofas in soft pastel colors, black and white classics, colorful models and even very rare shades.

CUURA Online Furniture Store in Malaysia

A variety of styles and models are the determining factor in the popularity of the CUURA shop. However, this parameter is not the only one that makes our platform number one in Malaysia.

Exceptional customer orientation plays a crucial role:

  • Availability of items. All models presented in our store are in stock; therefore, when you add an item to your cart, you can be sure of its availability.

  • User-friendly interface. Unlike other stores with a confusing interface, the UX design of our platform is as intuitive and understandable as possible. It will not be difficult for you to find a sofa, search filters, cart icon, or personal account in a split second.

  • Round-the-clock work. Our online store is open every day from Monday to Sunday. Moreover, we are ready to deliver your model to any place in Malaysia asap.

  • Honest reviews. We never hide the reviews of our customers, and you can always get acquainted with the opinion of any buyer regarding the purchase and service quality.

Buying a 1 seater sofa is a win-win option to bring comfort to your home, as well as the perfect solution to boost the interior uniqueness. Create coziness with CUURA shops, as here you will find sofas of all styles, sizes and colors!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

To do this, we recommend paying attention to three characteristics, namely, the size of the sofa for the living area, the color for the ideal match with the interior and the configuration to meet household needs.
In our store, the average price tag for a sofa varies from RM 1200 to RM 2500, however, if desired, you can find both cheaper and more expensive models. In any case, you always have the opportunity to pick a sofa for your budget.
The answer is unequivocal, yes. CUURA is an online store and every action from studying the seating and seams quality to tracking the movement of goods you can perform remotely, and our technical team will help you with this.
The combination of two parameters — exceptional service and a wide selection —makes CUURA store the leader of the Malaysian market, and such aspects as top-quality furniture, affordable prices, and ease of platform use only strengthen the position.
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