1 Seater Sofa

Embrace Comfort with CUURA Space's 1-Seater Sofas in Malaysia

Your Online Journey to the Ideal Single Seater Sofa

Let's embark on an adventure to find your perfect seating companion, right from the comfort of your own home. With CUURA Space, Malaysia’s leading online furniture store, you’re never more than a few clicks away from finding a 1-seater sofa that personifies comfort and radiates style. 

No matter your preference, from sleek single sofa chairs to cosy single seater settees, CUURA Space makes your quest for the perfect sofa as easy as sinking into one at the end of a long day.

Types of Single Seater Sofas

A little like an artist in a paint shop, you'll find yourself spoilt for choice as you explore the wealth of single seater options at CUURA Space. Are you drawn towards the casual allure of a single couch, or does the grandeur of a single seater armchair strike a chord? Perhaps, the minimalist elegance of our modern single sofa chairs resonates with your aesthetic? We invite you to lose yourself in the kaleidoscope of styles that await you.

Standard Size of a Single Seater Sofa in Malaysia

It's important to find a sofa that fits just right—not too big, not too small. The standard size of a single seater sofa in Malaysia typically ranges from 70cm to 100cm in width — perfect for a cosy corner or a small living room

Before choosing your sofa, consider its size and the dimensions of your space. We provide detailed measurements for all our 1-seater sofa options, so you can choose with confidence, knowing it will be a perfect fit for your space. 

Learn more about the average size of sofas in Malaysia here.

Defining Value with Our 1-Seater Sofa Pricing

At CUURA Space, we believe that comfort and style should be accessible, not aspirational. This belief guides us in offering a range of single seater sofas to suit various budgets. 

Whether you're seeking an affordable yet stylish single seater armchair or a luxury single sofa, we ensure value at every price point. Begin your journey with CUURA Space, and let your story of comfort and style unfold.


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