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Accent Chair, Malaysia

Little charming details are the essential elements of a both cozy and exquisite chamber. If you are not a fan of lovely knick-knacks, yet still aspire for a tasteful living space, then adding accent chairs is a perfect solution for you.

Accent chairs, also known as lounge chairs, serve not merely as sitting places but as a statement piece of the room that catches the eye of a guest and becomes the point of pride for an owner.

There is a wide variety of accent chairs available on the market: elegant and perky, squishy and firm, traditional and extravagant. It's up to you to decide what kind of designer chair will make your place stand out from others.

Discover the wide range of accent chairs presented at CUURA Space online shop in Malaysia and find your own statement piece from our stock.

Accent Chair Styles

The CUURA Space, online shop catalog, provides a broad collection of accent chairs that are available in stock. You should check it out if you are looking for:

  • Stylish leather armchairs with a note of nostalgia. These chairs have the vibes of the 70's upscale apartment in Los-Angeles, the owner of which is some legendary photographer or a contemporary artist. Their high-end microfiber leather makes the seat soft and soothing, whilst their sturdy legs and arm- and backrests ensure stability as you lounge in your favorite designer chair.

  • Unconventionally-shaped plush chairs. If you are struggling with keeping the spirits up in the group of guests you're having, those chairs are a surefire way to elevate the mood. Whimsical style combined with soft, velvety seat cushions and solid metal or wood frame make these lounge chairs a spotlight for your home.

  • Weaved wooden lounge chairs. Their sturdy but lightweight wooden frame will give your room a natural feeling. Intricately woven seat and backrest will serve as a firm but flexible support for your back and limbs.

  • Extra-comfortable mid-century armchairs. Nothing is better for a binge-read lounging or a long movie night than a traditional upholstered mid-century chair. High-class padded seat cushions, delicate upholstery and overall swanky design make them a sumptuous example of a classic style and comfort.

  • The list above may serve you as a beginner's guide in the world of accent chairs. Choose the best chair for your home from CUURA Space's online stock, add it to a cart or order it right away. As a bonus, have it delivered and installed in no time for free.

Why buy accent chairs in the CUURA Space online shop

Let's consider the major benefits of choosing a chair from our online shop's stock:

  1. Quality. CUURA Space's online shop mission is to use technology and data to create staggering and functional designer furniture for home, including accent chairs. The team of first-class designers carefully selects the suited material for the chair's seat cushions, padding, frame, and legs to ensure that it brings comfort and style to your living space.

  2. Unique style. Minimalist, Scandinavian elegance spiced up with contemporary design is what distinguishes us from other companies. Our group of designers is very diverse and that is why our chair selection is so manifold and unparalleled.

  3. Free 30-day return, shipping and installation. Choosing a designer chair online might be a tough and overwhelming experience, but with the CUURA Space online shop, you can do it stress-free. Just order a chair from our stock, and if you don't like it, you can return it for free within 30 days. For purchases with an order of RM2000 within Klang Valley and RM5000 in West Malaysia, you also get free shipping and installation if required.

Pick the best accent chair at CUURA.

Our advice to choose the perfect chair for your home would be to:

  • Decide whether you want your chair to add balance or serve as a zest for your home.

  • Look through our catalog and add either eccentric or elegant chairs to a cart.

  • Make the required measurements of the place where you're going to put a chair.

  • Compare them with the chair's dimensions.

  • Remove ill-fitting options from your cart and decide on the design.

  • Have the selected chair delivered for free to your home and return it within 30 days if you don't like it.

Go to our website and don't hesitate to add your favorite chair to a cart, all the risks are covered with the CUURA Space online shop. You can return the chair within a month if required.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

The chair must align not only with your height but also the size of other furniture in the place. The height of a conventional chair usually follows that of a sofa. The standard height is 76-107 cm, the floor-to-seat height is 41 cm, and the width of the seat is 38 cm. If the chair contrasts stylistically with other furniture, then the only recommendation is for the chair's dimensions to fit in the place you've chosen for it.
To select a designer chair that will blend in smoothly, the color of a chair must be presented in at least one item in the living space.If you want your chair to command attention, choose the color that contrasts with a room's overall palette. For example, a red armchair in a blue chamber adds a touch of eccentricity to a previously ordinary living space.
A chair with a padded seat and lumbar and neck support is perfect for maintaining a good posture. Make sure that armrests' height is optimal so that your elbows don't overstrain.If you are in for total relaxation, then add an ottoman to a chair. This combo will ensure a well-deserved stretch and rest for your limbs.
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