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Footstools & Ottoman Malaysia

A living space designed with taste implies adding several extra pieces to the room, except for the bare minimum. A footstool or an ottoman chair complies with the request to elevate the space style, and it offers functionality benefits by offering extra storage space. In addition, you can use ottomans and footstools as a footrest, a place to sit, or even a coffee table. 

Check out our vast array of ottomans and footstools, which fit seamlessly into various design concepts for a home. 

They can bring a touch of sophistication or complement minimalistic design, bringing comfort to your home and serving as a functional addition to your furniture piece (like a sofa or a bed.) Search for it on CUURA Space Malaysia!

Footstools & Ottoman for your living space

Despite being considered as some extra item to the room, an ottoman or a footstool can be a valuable contribution to your home.

It offers such perks as:

  • Complementing a sofa or a bed. An ottoman can be a stand-alone furniture piece. However, you can have an ottoman designed and upholstered in compliance with your bed or sofa, place it nearby, and create a new furniture set with an easily detachable piece. It is nice to have an extra seat just in case of an extra guest's arrival.

  • Additional storage space. Check on CUURA Space Malaysia ottoman and footstool section to find that some of our specimens are hollow inside. This compact unit serves as storage space for your linens, board games or blankets. 

  •  Design purpose. Whether you are into contemporary and tranquil design concepts and leaning to brown, beige and other neutral colors or you are looking for something modern and want to accentuate your room by placing a pop-up burst of color in the middle of your furniture assembly. We showcase various options so that you will definitely place something in your cart. 

  • Multifunctionality. Use an ottoman as a footrest or a coffee table or a comfortable and compact place to sit on. 

In a nutshell, ottomans and footstools utilization is not only restricted to style elevation purposes, but also these furniture pieces serve as storage spaces and substitute a seat or a coffee table. 

Find the Perfect Ottoman Style for Your Home

Let's get to know how one can find the best Ottoman to suit one's taste!

Square-like Block Ottomans

Square in shape, this Ottoman gives off a retro vibe. It is an ideal match for rooms modern in design. Available in white, gray, green and brown colors. 

The Cirq Ottoman

Round in shape and fluffy, upholstered with teddy-fleece material, this Ottoman is ideally used as a stylish extra seat for rest and providing comfort. 

Halo Ottoman

Having the shape of a pumpkin and upholstered in teddy fleece, this Ottoman enhances the overall coziness of the living space. The inner filling makes this piece of furniture moderately firm, making it a comfortable place for sitting. Available in white, red, orange, blue, green, and pink colors. 

Lyra 2/3/4-Seated Sofas with Ottoman

This is a stylish sofa with multiple functions. Feel free to arrange the pieces whatever you like and if you need an extra seat for some occasion this sofa and ottoman set has you covered. The Ottoman also provides you with some extra storage space inside so that you can save space in the room. 

Search for an Ottoman on CUURA Space, Malaysia

Choosing a furniture piece is an important matter, therefore you need to look through several shops and opt for the most reliable one, which should be backed up by good reviews and having a vast range of products. 

CUURA Space in Malaysia is a perfect store to bring comfort to your home; here is why:

  •  Free delivery and installation for pieces in the cart with the total of RM 2000 (Khan Valley) or RM 5000 (West Malaysia).

  • Multiple positive customer reviews. On the website, you can find photos and videos of a furniture piece to ensure that the official item picture matches the reality. 

  • Affordability. You can opt for the most affordable yet good quality product, or you can splash out for something posh. We ensure that we fulfill every customer's request. And don't ignore checking our sales section!

  • The convenience of an online platform. Enjoy online shopping from the comfort of your home and have the items delivered within a couple of clicks. 

Spare a moment to check on our furniture pieces and accessories, which are available at CUURA Space Malaysia!

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

It originated in the Ottoman Empire. Back then, an ottoman was commonly utilized in that area. Modern Ottomans just slightly resemble the original, but the original name was kept to manifest the history and national flavor behind this piece.
An ottoman is a multipurpose furniture piece. You can rest your feet on it, or you can utilize it as an additional seating space. If it is hollow inside, it also offers extra storage space for versatile knick-knacks.
You bet! They are stuffed with stern filling, which gives an ottoman firmness and strengths. An ottoman is perfect to sit on, so you can even use it as a main seating choice.
In terms of resting one's feet, they are used interchangeably. However, an ottoman tends to be bigger in size and more multifunctional (also used for storage.)
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