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Artificial Plants

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Buy artificial plants & flowers in Malaysia 

Bringing a wonderful improvement to the interior of your home in the form of green foliage or lively botanical flowers is an easy way to add freshness and brightness to any space. However, it requires a lot of precious time and effort to provide proper maintenance for plants and flowers, which many of us usually don't have. 

For that case you can simply purchase artificial succulents, plants, and flowers to get an organic, cozy look of home, without the bustle, clutter and anxiety. Nowadays, you can find a vast majority of artificial plants that look exactly like real ones, with high level patterns of detailed leaf veins, petals, stems and coloring.

At CUURA Space, you can find in a shop or online in Malaysia a wide diversity of faux flowers, pots and plant boxes to upgrade the atmosphere of any room to naturally attractive without the need for watering! 

Where can I arrange an artificial plant and flower at home? 

Because they stay low in nature of maintenance — there is no risk of water, bugs, or potential dirt spills. It's up to you to decide, when it comes to choosing design ideas and the perfect spot! 

Here are some of them to get you started:

  1. Verandas, Decks and Porches: If you live in an apartment, balconies are often your only outdoor space. Make them feel more homely by adding a tall, artificial plant to the area, like Karina Artificial Plant from CUURA Space's line of artificial greenery.

  2.  Mantel: Decorate your mantelpiece or desk with potted flowers and greens. That can add visual interest to your living place. Creating a unique style that suits your home becomes easier with choosing from a variety of leaf designs and shapes.

  3. Bookshelves: Why not add some fake greens to match your admirable books? At CUURA Space, you can find a range of faux plants with sophisticated vases that will excellently complete any bookcase or shelf at a very affordable price.  

  4. Bathrooms or Laundries : Placing an arrangement of flowers and stalks in a glass bottle or hanging a basket with floral composition on the bathroom vanity will enhance these often utilitarian spots.

  5.  Vases: This is a simple but elegant idea to liven up any space. Combine your favorite flowers with leaf sprays into a beautiful vase to create your own personalized floral arrangement. This is a simple yet elegant way to liven up any space and make your eyes sparkle any time you notice it.

How to adorn with fake flowers or plants?

If you're looking for some ideas on the best ways to decorate your space with artificial greens, but still want a good natural look, then keep reading! 

It takes a bit amount of knowledge, so we've collected some top tips here on how to embellish your faux plants : 

  • Reshaping with the Bend and Fluff. This technique works every time. Consider when you take a fake plant out of its box – it's going to be jammed in there, isn't it? So you need to bend and fluff the branches, looking at a real tree outside. That's what you want to replicate.

  • Game of color, heights & texture. A good way for you to create visual interest and diversity in your display is to match different colors and textures. That gives a tangible depth and fullness. Pick a color scheme to create a specific mood. Consider soft green hues with pastel flowers for a timeless aesthetic, or add vibrancy by making bold accents on the contrast of shades.

  • Pots and baskets. It's better and much easier to restyle plants in a larger pot or planter. If the pot feels empty, complete it with some excipient, such as fake sticks, moss or stalks. In case you're brave enough to move further, you can place fake plants in the actual ground and dirt.

  • Dusting. Don't forget to dust it like every other piece of decor in your area of living. Wiping with wet wipes or a microfiber towel would be enough. 

Benefits of having artificial plants

Let us consider some major advantages for artificial plant owners:

  1. Safeness. Some children, adults and pets among your guests can have allergic reactions to pollen that comes from natural plants. You should be aware of it while using natural greens, no matter indoor or outdoor. Fortunately, there is a solution! Decorating with artificial products frees you from worries about this issue. They are completely non-toxic because they are made of safe materials.  

  2. Longer durability. It is common for artificial greenery to be more durable than their natural analogs, due to the use of qualitative materials. They have UV protection, are sustainable, and keep being good-looking even in severe weather conditions. 

  3. Stay evergreen. Most live plants are not able to maintain their fresh evergreen appearance without right care, lightning and moisture. In order to free our dear customers from these responsibilities, we offer you faux greenery that keeps looking fresh all year long, as well as its beautiful appearance. Everything is required to support their appealing beauty; just don't forget to wipe them regularly.

  4. Cost-effective. The comparative accessibility and cost-effectiveness of fake equivalents are considered to be among the top advantages. All you need to do is enjoy the natural and beautiful style of your space.

CUURA Space Shop in Malaysia 

We offer such benefits as:

  • There are plenty of not only designer furniture pieces but also a wide range of decorations and storage organization. Whether you are looking for a dining table and matching chairs to provide a comfortable seating area for meals or family gatherings, or if you require extra decorations and style improvers.

  • Positive feedback from our satisfied customers. No matter what your style preferences are, we have something for everyone in our extensive collection.

  • Versatile and visually-appealing furniture units. It can be the perfect accent for your dining space, blending in with your existing decor to create a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

Discover the rich assortment of CUURA Space and enjoy a 30-day free return policy on most products. Free Delivery services are available for orders above RM2,000 (Klang Valley) and RM5,000 (West Malaysia)!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

A superb decision is to find inspiration and aesthetics on the Internet or buy artificial plants. The offered solutions won't cost you big money and much effort. Still they can significantly refresh the interior, reduce sickness, stress, and anxiety.
If you notice the accumulations of some dirt, dust or grime, then use a 50:50 solution of vinegar and water to clean it. A light mist of the leaves will help get rid of it. Afterward, clean the leaf with wipes or a microfiber cloth.
Attach grass panels and plant specimens to the mesh-like backing. Try to stylize it well, then simply hang or fix your creation on the wall.
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