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Lighting Malaysia

Lighting fixtures play an important role in setting the ambiance in your home. They can accentuate some decor elements, create a certain mood, or become a part of interior design themselves. There are lamps suitable for placement on the floor, lamps to embellish your coffee table or dresser, or nightstand products that work best for lulling you to sleep.

No matter what type of lighting you prefer, you will be able to find it at the CUURA Space store in Malaysia! Place an order on our website and bring your creative idea to life in no time!

Light for Home: Product Styles

In our lighting category, you can find a range of uniquely designed products, including floor and table lamps. Although each product has its own outstanding properties, they all share the common goal of lighting up residential spaces, bringing an additional stylish touch to your home.

Floor Light

Floor lamps are suitable for larger areas as they provide ample illumination and can even serve as a standalone source of light. With their ability to be placed in various locations, these products offer ambient illumination, and their designs enable them to become a focal point in your room's interior.

Table Light

Table lamps are a good fit for smaller areas. Homeowners typically place them on bedside tables, desks, or decorative tables. Occupying minimal space, they serve the purpose of task lighting, for example, when you work on your laptop. Or, they can illuminate a localized area of your bedroom when you're preparing for sleep, as soft light helps your body start winding down for restful sleep.

Malaysia Lighting Benefits

In the modern world, lighting goes far beyond a mere function. There are plenty of professional designers whose primary job is to create authentic things that combine practicality and aesthetics.

Visit the CUURA Space shop to get a grasp of our enticing offers that grant such advantages as:

  1. Effects of lighting. From soothing and ethereal illumination for relaxing to focused light used for task-oriented activities like reading or working, there are lamps designed to cater to these needs.

  2. Aesthetics enhancement. Diverse designs, like traditional Japanese-inspired or sleek and modern ones, add depth and character to your interior, reflecting your personal sense of style and tying together different decorative elements.

  3. Setting the mood. Subtle hues foster laid-back conversations and watching movies, spurring you to unwind after a long day of work. Similarly, a soft and dim light may be perfect for romantic, cozy evenings.

  4. Energy-efficient solutions. It's established that LED lamps contribute to a reduction in energy consumption. Our lighting fixtures are not only authentic design masterpieces but also means to spare your money.

Our lamps facilitate cost savings, improvement of the overall room's appearance, highlighting particular design elements, and many more. Explore our collection of lighting products in Malaysia and make your life a little brighter!

CUURA Space Online Shop

Like no one else, we know that a welcoming home environment contributes to quality of life. CUURA Space prides itself on offering top-notch furniture pieces, furniture sets, and single decor elements that surpass your expectations in terms of practicality and comfort.

If you're about to purchase premium lighting products from the comfort of your own home, CUURA Space is your place to do it, and here's why:

  • We offer one-of-a-kind designs, superior materials, and enduring quality;

  • Our lamp designs complement our furniture perfectly, enabling you to create a holistic and harmonious interior after one purchase;

  • You can enjoy prompt delivery no matter where on the globe you live;

  • New customers can make use of a first-time discount;

  • We have flexible payment options in the form of installment payments, if you decide to buy sets of big furniture pieces;

  • There's free delivery for orders that reach RM2000 for Klang Valley or RM5000 for West Malaysia.

To sum up, CUURA Space in Malaysia provides customers with exclusive items that resonate with their style and fit into their budget. Buy online with us if your goal is to express your individuality and impress everyone around you!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Our lighting fixtures utilize materials like iron, wood, glass, resin, and strong cloth, so the product quality is top-notch.CUURA Space store goods are famous for their durability and sophisticated design, which makes them stand out even among professional lighting shops.
Despite exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality materials, our lighting fixtures are quite affordable. Of course, the price will depend on the lamp size, particular functionality, and design complexity, but generally, our lighting fixtures cost from RM400 to around RM1000.
CUURA Space offers lamps in a whole range of styles: a more intricate, traditional style; classic and elegant options; minimalist sleek designs; and more futuristic ones. Here, you can find a piece that not only matches but also enlivens your room's aesthetic, creating an individualized ambience.
Before making an order, it's vital to gather all the essential information about a particular lamp's characteristics and use. At CUURA Space, you can click on the product's icon in the store catalog, and the site will direct you to the specifications of the desired item.
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