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Bedroom Set, Malaysia

Just moved to a new apartment or want to fully transform the existing one? Bed frames and mattresses, dressers and nightstands, and bedroom sets give you everything you need to furnish your bedroom in one go, ensuring that different pieces of furniture work together.

Whether it's a sumptuous king-bedroom set or a compact single-bed set, CUURA Space is a shop in Malaysia where comfort meets style. Browse our catalog to find the perfect bedroom set without exceeding your budget!

The Perfect Bedroom Set in Malaysia

Why is it more convenient to buy furniture in sets? Whether you pick a bed frame, a dining table, a sofa, or a wardrobe, choosing individual pieces that work together is time-consuming. Sellers create a bedroom, living room, or dining set options to save you from this tedious task by harmoniously combining furniture.

Additionally, if you purchase a bedroom set at CUURA Space, you can enjoy such benefits as:

  1. Cost-effectiveness. Typically, a bedroom set costs less than the combined price of individual furniture pieces, allowing for more budget-friendly solutions.

  2. Space-saving. The perfect bedroom set is functional and provides smart storage and furniture organization solutions, no matter how big or small your room is.

  3. Design coordination. Bedroom sets are designed to match each other in every way, whether it's in style, color, material textures, finishes, or overall visual appeal.

Creating a harmonious, inviting, and stylish sleeping environment is easy with CUURA Space bedroom sets! Explore our top-quality bedroom furniture to find a set that suits your household needs and tastes!

CUURA Bedroom Set Styles

CUURA Space introduces diverse bedroom sets, from only pillows that complement your bed to full sets with a sofa, an accent chair, and a wardrobe. Furnish your bedroom how you want, and we'll help you achieve the perfect look!

Bedroom Sets for All: King, Queen, and Single

If you prefer ample space in your bedroom, a king bed set is what you need. The large bed frame comes with the same-size mattress for a grand and luxurious feel. However, suppose your apartment isn't too big or you generally prefer a more compact, cozy sleeping arrangement. In that case, our extensive collection also has space-efficient single-bedroom sets.

Bed Frame and Mattress

A bed frame and mattress set ensure optimal fit and compatibility. We meticulously craft our bed frames and mattress sets to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep. CUURA Space promises a peaceful night's rest by prioritizing comfortable use and premium materials.

Complete Bedroom Furniture Set

At our online shop in Malaysia, among others, we offer full sets that include more than just a bed frame and a mattress; they also come with a sofa, a nightstand, and even a rug and cushions. This way, we ensure a cohesive and elegant interior, whether contemporary or classy.

Bedroom Set Prices and Promotions

Getting an ideal set without overspending? It's possible with CUURA Space in Malaysia. We focus on clear pricing and fair competition, creating a selection that fits any budget. If you want even more economy, you can also check out our best bedroom set deals in the sales section!

CUURA Space: Online Furniture Shop

Regarding material quality, fashionable designs, and functionality, CUURA Space is beyond competition. Our superior bedroom sets, created with a view to simple elegance, can easily be paired with different color schemes and interior styles while ensuring longevity and comfort.

Our convenient online shop features:

  • a wide array of options for every taste;

  • user-friendly search mechanisms and categories;

  • promotions and discounts;

  • free delivery and installation for larger orders (which bedroom sets usually are);

  • fast shipping;

  • an opportunity to pay in installments, and many more.

CUURA Space offers everything you need to furnish your bedroom efficiently and without a hustle. Purchase bedroom sets at CUURA Space, Malaysia, because you'll find great quality, timeless designs, and affordable prices here!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

We offer single-, queen-, and king-size bedroom sets, catering to their owners' different homes and needs. If you're looking to furnish a kid's room or create a luxury master bedroom for a couple, we have a set for you, no matter what room configuration or design you aim for.
The price of the set depends on the size of the bed, the material quality, and how many pieces of furniture it consists of. CUURA Space complete sets range from RM2,000 to RM7,000. However, most sets cost around RM3,000–4,000.
Yes, customers have various opportunities to save money on promotions and sales. New members can receive RM50 off their first purchase. Also, there are substantial discounts for set buyers in the 'promo' section. Besides, some payment options allow for cashback, increasing your savings.
We take pride in the superior quality of our furniture, both material and craftsmanship-wise. CUURA Space bed frames, nightstands, and dressers are typically crafted with solid wood, metal, and other organic materials. At the same time, our mattresses are made of natural latex, memory foam, or high-density sponge for the best support.
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