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Sofa Set Malaysia

Living room is the core of any home. Having a comfortable seating arrangement there is crucial, whether you like to gather all your friends around, spend some quality time with the family, or simply relax alone after a long day. CUURA Space is an online furniture store that offers a great variety of sofa sets for all tastes and preferences. Find the best sofa combination for your living space and add stylish furnishing pieces to your home!

Perfect Sofa Sets for Everyone

Already worrying about how you are going to style a new sofa in your living room? We are here to set you free from these worries and provide you with nothing but a full relaxation on a new couch. If you do not want to choose, mix, and match between different furniture items and their styles, consider purchasing a set of sofas.

One might think: "Why would I want multiple sofas in one room?" Well, the truth is that a sofa set includes not only a multiple-seater sofa, but also some complementary pieces, like an armchair, a coffee table, an ottoman, a rug, or even a TV stand. Therefore, you can order a full set of furniture for your living room and create an elegant interior atmosphere just like that.

Whether you prefer a larger sofa as an accent piece to your living room or want something compact yet comfortable, CUURA Space has plenty of options to pick from. From leather to fabric sofas, we can assist you with any request you have, making it pleasant for you to curl up on a new couch in a perfectly designed room.

Variety of Sofa Sets

Choosing a new furnishing for your home can be quite stressful. That is why CUURA Space tries to fit into various designs and colors, providing as many options for you as possible. Our designs go from luxurious sofas of classic look to unique modern couches for those who like to express themselves even more.

Finding a perfect sofa set is easier than you think! Take a look at what you can order from CUURA Space online store:

  • A set of a 3 seater sofa, a coffee table, and a rug;

  • A set of a 4 seater sofa, an armchair, and a rug;

  • A set of a 4 seater sofa, a stool, a coffee table, and a rug;

  • A set of a 2 seater sofa, a 1 seater sofa, and a rug, and more.

Our spacious sofas can comfortably accommodate all your friends and family, as they come in many different sizes. Each sofa item functions as a great support to your back after a long day and adds a stylish touch to any room. Whether you prefer fabric sofa sets or looking for distinguished bouclé sofas, CUURA Space has it all!

Order Sofa Sets Online in Malaysia

You can now order a new sofa set online from CUURA Space. Based in Malaysia, our online shop delivers the comfort of each furnishing piece to homes all around the world. No matter what your ideal sofa looks like, we are ready to provide some of the best sofa options for affordable prices. From sectional sofa sets to l-shaped sofa combinations, all of our products are versatile and well-made.

Customers of CUURA Space get to enjoy plenty of perks when they order from our shop. Here are some of them:

  1. We keep the prices at the reasonable level, so that anyone with any budget can find something they need;

  2. If you have any questions or need some assistance, you can contact us through a customer support chat available on our website;

  3. We deliver orders for free in some areas in Malaysia;

  4. Our team can also assemble furnishing pieces for you, if you live in specific Malaysian areas;

  5. We have convenient return options, so that you can send any order back within 30 days.

Browse through the extensive selection of sofa sets on CUURA Space and pick something you have dreamt of. Our online shop offers sofas for all kinds of tastes, so find the one that speaks to your soul!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Sofa sets are a perfect choice for those who want to add extra seating space to their living area. Instead of picking from various designs of different furniture pieces, with a sofa set, you get a stylish interior upgrade, providing you with maximum comfort and functionality.
Sofa set options from CUURA Space can become a perfect addition to your home. We provide our customers with comfy sets, which include items that complement each other. Our set styles vary from those with sofas and chairs to the ones including even rugs and ottomans, providing comfortable seating and fantastic interior design.
If you are looking for the right sofa set, look no further than CUURA Space. We are an online shop that is based in Malaysia. Our products match with contemporary quality standards and cater to wide audiences with different preferences. Our furniture is both functional and long-lasting.
When buying a new sofa set from CUURA Space, you can be sure that it is durable and will serve you for many years to come. We do not compromise quality at any step of sofas' creation. Each piece is done with high-quality materials that are safe and suitable for everyday usage.
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