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Furniture Sets Malaysia

A furniture set is a vital part of any interior. Such sets can have different styles and serve as a bright accent or a part of the neutral background. But they always should be comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. At CUURA Space, we offer only the best, most high-quality furniture sets for your home. Buy modern furniture at our furniture store, and you won't regret it!

Furniture Sets Collection

A well-made interior can help you create a truly unique atmosphere at your home. The furniture plays a major role in it. If it's beautiful and convenient, it can greatly improve your quality of life.

Whether you'd prefer a luxurious bedroom set or a simple dining one, you can find it at CUURA Space. Explore our catalog, where we offer various types of styles. Let's talk about them further.

Traditional Style

Traditional Malaysian style includes such features as geometric decor, elaborate carvings, warm brown tones, and various organic materials — for example, bamboo, rattan, and wood. We combine it with contemporary elements, creating a truly unique look.

Modern Style

A perfect variant for any minimalist. This style consists of basic shapes, straight lines, and neutral colors. With such a furniture set, you can create a calm, relaxed atmosphere, where all guests will feel like home. A perfect variant for a bedroom or a living room.

Luxurious Style

These sets consist of fine, premium-class materials.

They include:

  1. Marble;

  2. Top-quality wood;

  3. Metal;

  4. And others.

Beautiful finishes such as stains or lacquer make them look even better. Such opulent furniture creates an unforgettable atmosphere of richness and luxury. With it, you'll definitely impress all of your guests!

Our shop offers so many types and styles of furniture that even the pickiest customer will find something ideal!

CUURA Furniture Sets: Main Advantages

There are good reasons why many Malaysians prefer CUURA Space. Our products have lots of important advantages. Let's talk about some of them.

Quality Materials

We make our furniture only from the best materials, such as sintered stone and solid wood, and embellish it with stylish ornaments, accents, and upholstery. So, every item is extremely durable and long-lasting — and also looks stunning!

Top-Level Design

We have a large collection of exclusive designer furniture, such as chairs, wardrobes, dressing tables, sofa sets, bedside tables, etc. Want to find something that perfectly matches your interior? On our website, you can find furniture of any possible style, from traditional to modern, designed by top-notch professionals.

Variety of Options

We have a wide range of stylish, top-quality furniture sets available.

There's everything you may need:

  1. Cozy bedroom furniture;

  2. Spacious dining tables;

  3. Soft chairs;

  4. Coffee tables;

  5. Neat storage cabinets;

  6. Different accessories;

  7. And much more.

Our furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. For example, our tables can be square, round, big, small, medium-sized, and so on. Some of them are for one or two people only, while others are suitable for a super large, extensive family.

The designs are also extremely diverse. Whether you want your furniture set to be neutral and calm or vivid and colorful — you may find it at CUURA Space. Prefer traditional or contemporary style? Either way, we've got lots of variants for you.

Affordable Price

Despite its premium quality and fabulous style, our furniture sets are extremely affordable. We do our best to keep the prices as moderate as possible. So, even if you don't have much money, you can buy some amazing furniture at CUURA Space.

Super Quick Delivery

Whether you live in KL or in a small town, you won't have to wait too long for your order. It will arrive exactly on time, without any delays! In addition to that, if your order costs more than RM5000 (West Malaysia) or RM2000 (Klang Valley), the delivery will be completely free!

Also, there's a possibility of a free return within 30 days. If the furniture didn't suit you for some reason, you can return it very easily!

Buy Furniture Online in Malaysia

Many people prefer to purchase furniture sets online because it's much more convenient. You can buy whatever you like without even having to leave your house. Also, all the furniture pieces on our website have a complete list of characteristics, which can make the choosing process a lot easier.

Our store offers professionally designed and crafted furniture sets. All our furniture is a perfect combination of flawless style and unprecedented comfort.

Our platform gets a lot of praising reviews. Customer ratings of our shop are very high. Moreover, many people buy online furniture only at CUURA Space and nowhere else — because they know they can trust us.

Browse our extensive catalog and find the perfect furniture set that fits your personal taste! If you've got any questions — call our support specialists.


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

You'll need to figure out which average seat and back height options are the best for you. Selecting a sofa, an armchair, or a mattress? Pay attention to its filling. Buying a bed? Ensure that its bed frame is durable.
Typically, bedroom furniture involves a comfortable sofa or a bed with a mattress, a bed table, and a wardrobe. To purchase any of these, check out our Bedroom Furniture Malaysia catalog!
In a living room, there should be a sofa set to relax and watch TV on, one or two armchairs, and probably a cabinet. Find all of these items in the CUURA Space catalog!
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