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Dining Table Set

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Dining Table Set Malaysia

Enjoy your time at home with a brand-new set for your dining area. Collection of dining table sets from CUURA Space offers a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Consisting of a table and chairs, each set is suitable for everyday needs and celebratory gatherings. Browse through our extensive selection of dining set products and transform your dining room into a comfortable and elegant space.

Dining Table Sets for Everyone

If your home is always full of family members and friends, you certainly need an area where you can gather all together and spend some quality time. In order to create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere, you should look for a dining set that will become the heart of your home. With a comfortable dining area where everyone can be accommodated, any casual dinner will look like a fancy celebration.

Dining table set is basically a combination of well-matching chairs and dining tables. You don't have to spend tedious hours trying to figure out whether particular chairs would match a dining table that you want to get. Now, everything is simple, and you only have to pick the dining set that fits your requirements the most.

In our Malaysia-based online shop, you can find plenty of different options for dining table sets. We make sure that each item of our collection can be fit into various interior designs, so that you can enjoy it as much as possible.

Dining Table Set Styles

Before you place an order for one of the dining tables sold separately, take your time to go through our offers of dining table sets. Such furniture pieces can add a modern and chic look to your home, while providing an outstanding quality.

Within our dining table set collection, you can find the following variations:

  • A four seater dining table with four high-back chairs;

  • A stone dining table with four chairs upholstered in microfiber leather;

  • An extending dining table with four chairs;

  • A dining table with a marble-looking top and four highly stain-resistant chairs, and more.

Each of our products is designed and made with great attention to details. We believe that price should be corresponding to the quality of items. Hence why, we guarantee the high quality for all the details of our furniture.

With a new dining table set, you can regularly invite your friends for dinner parties or add fancy weekend breakfasts to your family traditions. Whatever your plans are, CUURA Space is ready to help you with creating a home that you will truly love.

Buy Furniture Online in Malaysia

Don't know where to order furniture online in Malaysia? CUURA Space has got you covered! Our online shop offers customers from all over the world an extensive variety of home furniture. In our catalog, you can find coffee tables, sofas, bed frames, storage units, and many decoration items. If you are not sure how to match designs of different items between each other, you can always go for a furniture set, like the ones for living rooms or dining rooms.

Customers of our online shop are happy to get furniture from us. Here's why:

  1. We have a convenient return policy, which allows you to send back your order within 30 days;

  2. Our shop offers free delivery for some regions in Malaysia;

  3. We also offer free installation for bigger orders;

  4. You can choose from a variety of payment options or even pay in splits;

  5. We provide a customer support service via online chat that you can see on our website;

  6. Our shop regularly holds sales and gives promo codes to our new customers.

Start your home transformation today with a new dining table set from CUURA Space. Add a touch of style and functionality to your dining zone with one of the dining set styles that we offer. Order your items today and expect a timely delivery right to your home!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

A dining set comes with a dining table and matching chairs. Such pre-selected furnishing items can help you to add a nice touch to your home without having to browse through the hundreds of options to find the perfect match.
CUURA Space offers an extensive collection of dining room sets for all tastes and preferences. You can find dining table sets of any budget. Most importantly, we do not compromise the quality of our materials, making each set durable and easily maintained.
Here, at CUURA Space, we have a great selection of materials for dining tables and chairs. You can order anything, from wood to sintered stone. Moreover, our chair materials also come in fashionable and easy-to-clean styles.
A dining room set can become the core of your living area, if you choose it correctly. Think about your home's needs, other interior elements, and budget before selecting the right type of set. Our online store in Malaysia caters to people with any tastes and requirements.
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