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Floor Lamp, Malaysia

The objects of room lighting are closely associated with lamps, the locations of which are above eye level. However, design solutions for home interior improvement have long gone beyond the generally accepted concepts, and today, we will talk about one of them, namely, the floor lamp. Floor lamps are furniture with increased functionality, as they will add light to your living area and improve its aesthetic component.

The CUURA store offers customers the richest collection of floor lamps in Malaysia. Only here will you find a floor lamp that you will fall in love with in a second, and you will also meet the top customer service and pleasant prices.

Floor lamps: Impressive Collection.

Furniture choices are never easy, especially when we talk about floor lamps. Perhaps this will seem strange to someone because the floor lamp is essentially a simple structure. However, not in the case of the CUURA shop, since we do not have two identical models; all are different.

Tripod floor lamp

If you ask us to describe the style of this floor lamp in two words, we will say "a win-win classic." Such a floor lamp has three legs, so it is very stable on any surface. This model has several light modes and creates a pleasant oval glow.

Adjustable floor lamp

The most practical option among all floor lamps is an adjustable model. You can adjust the long, thin body of this lamp 360 degrees, depending on your position. Moreover, thanks to its small base, this floor lamp takes up very little space, which means it will fit perfectly into any room, even the smallest one.

Paper floor lamp

This floor lamp has the most creative style in our selection because its design is imbued with both modern culture and centuries-old Japanese traditions. It emits a positive and soothing vibe, so it's perfect for meditating in your room.

CUURA's Floor Lamps Unique Features

Let's go back to the floor lamp design. When studying it in detail, we easily conclude that to make the right pick, it is necessary to consider a couple more aspects besides style.

Floor lamps material

Some floor lamps in our store have a fragile structure, but this is a trick of the eye because each model is crafted from premium quality materials, e.g., stainless steel, shatterproof glass, or solid wood. We can say the same about the built-in bulb, which will last you for several years without replacement.

Floor lamps dimensions

It is crucial that the floor lamp fits perfectly into the dimensions of the living space, so each model's description includes a visual illustration of the dimensions, including the diameter of the base or light scattering. This will help you pick up the perfect floor lamp very quickly.

Floor lamp price tag

The style and materials of floor lamps affect the final price tag, but this should not confuse you because here, you will select models for any financial need. We offer options from RM 500 to RM 1000.

CUURA Furniture Store in Malaysia

Despite the extensive collection of floor lamps, some customers appreciate the CUURA store primarily for its unique online shopping experience.

If you are interested, then let's take it apart bit by bit:

  • A simple and intuitive interface for everyone and a beautiful design will make you fall in love with our site in a second.

  • Before adding the first-floor lamp to the cart, we recommend using a filter system that allows you to specify your preferred style and price or even sort models alphabetically.

  • Creating a home interior together with the CUURA shop is beneficial because here, you can always find great deals and discounts.

  • Regardless of your location, we will deliver your order to any city or settlement in Malaysia, and with a guarantee of perfect product integrity.

  • If you have any problems choosing a floor lamp for your living space, feel free to contact the technical support team, and our specialists will resolve them as soon as possible.

Bring even more comfort, magic, and coziness to the atmosphere of your home. Choose the floor lamp according to your taste preferences and enjoy an unsurpassed shopping experience on the CUURA platform!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Perfect home lighting is an important household task, and the floor lamp is one of the gears of this mechanism because it can be placed anywhere and in any way. In addition, the floor lamp is a stylish decorative element.
CUURA shop has a vast collection of floor lamps, however, they all cost very affordable money. In particular, the price tag of most models falls within the RM 500-1000 range.
You can drown in the variety of choices on the CUURA platform, but at the same time you can also study each model from bulb to base in as much detail as possible to make a guaranteed right choice.
This is true because we offer floor lamps crafted from top materials, including premium wood and stainless steel. We provide fast delivery, regularly implement discount programs, and have a website with the best UX design.
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