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Table lamp, Malaysia

To this day many people reckon that the only purpose of a table lamp is to illuminate a certain area but it's more than this. The role they play in enhancing your decor is enormous. You can turn a dinky black coffee table with bits and bobs lying around into a statement piece, by organizing it in a fancy way and putting a table lamp by their side to highlight it.

You need at least one table lamp in a room, if you are craving for:

  • your living room to have a sophisticated ambiance.

  • your bedroom to have a soft and warm glow.

  • a lighting that makes reading in bed comfortable.

If you visit CUURA Space online shop, you will find table lamps in white, black and even gold. Add your favorite lamp to a cart, buy it along with some other item from our website (to make an order for RM2000) and we will deliver it for free.

Table lamp roundup

The type of a table lamp is pretty often determined by the room it lits. Depending on the table lamp's location you can divide them into several groups:

  1. Bedroom table lamp. Bedside lamps should have soft and diffused light to help you relax before going to sleep. If you are a fan of reading before sleep, make sure the bottom of the shade is at your eye level to avoid overstraining your eyes.

  2. Dining room table lamp. Overhead lightning above the dining table plays a crucial role in creating an intimate atmosphere, but unlit corners in the dining area may be quite disturbing. Having lamps on side tables and sideboards will balance the room’s look and finish it off beautifully.

  3. Living room table lamp. Lightning in this area serves mainly as a decorative statement and is used to create a certain ambiance of the room. It would be perfect to dot around several lamps of different color and shape to enhance parts of the room, such as green corners, coffee tables or musical instruments.

  4. Home office table lamp. Whether you're working with small objects, papers or on a computer, bright light directed at the object of work will facilitate the process. An ideal desk lamp has a stable base, flexible bending arms and a metal shade to prevent eye strain and assure that the light is not diffused.
    CUURA Space online shop offers a selection of gold, white and black table lamps for any of your rooms. Go to our website and decide the table lamp of which color would be worth adding to your cart.

Find a table lamp in CUURA Space online shop

  1. Marcia Resin Table Lamp. Sensual silhouette and soft texture of its resin base will definitely hold your guest's attention for some time while you're busy making them a cup of tea.

  2. Teddy Lamp. This three-tiered table lamp is in a class by itself. Its soft gold glow and unique style will complement the decor of any living room.

  3. Tobin Table Lamp. Its impeccable gold finishing and opaque black base is a pure feast for the eyes. A pair of elegant bulbs ensure that the surface is lit evenly and softly.

  4. Stacy Lamp. It's pink frosted shade and glowing gold base will not leave anyone indifferent.

  5. Pico Small Table Lamp. This lamp is a gem for those who hold Japanese culture deeply in their hearts. It's a mid-century modernist rendition of washi paper lanterns famously lit during the Lanterns on The River. This item also comes in medium size.

  6. Dino Lamp. It is an enlarged version of a table lamp that you can put on a floor and use as a sort of lamp post. This black wonder combines the mobility of a table lamp and vast light penetration area of an overhead lighting.

Don't hesitate to add our exquisite white, black and gold table lamps to your cart in CUURA Space online shop. Choose the best option from your cart, buy it together with some other item to make an order for RM2000 and get a free 3-8 week delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

For the lamp not to look out of place, it has to be proportionate to its surroundings. The larger lamps look better on larger desks, smaller side tables require smaller lamps. If you're choosing a table lamp for reading, make certain that the shade is at your eye level.
A table lamp with diffused light can create a soft glow and soothing mood, so the best decision will be to place it in the bedroom or powder room. A table lamp with task lighting should be perched on the desk or bedside table to facilitate reading. Living room can make use of either type of lamp depending on the concept of the room.
Figure out the color palette of your room. The color of the shade and the base should correlate with the range of color already presented in the room. That will help tie the room together and give it a sophisticated look. To freshen your living space go for a table lamp with an eclectic pattern, a bright color or an unconventional shape.
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