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Bloom is a serene yet striking Chinese New Year plant decoration that captures the tranquillity and beauty of the Orient in a design that's perfect for both the festive season and as an all-year-round ornament. This piece, with its blend of artificial flowers and traditional Chinese aesthetics, offers a unique and sophisticated flair to any interior. Crafted from premium ceramic, the vase serves as a tranquil foundation for the vibrant display. Its spherical form, speckled with a gentle texture and adorned with a Chinese character for good fortune, represents fullness and wealth. The soft, off-white tone of the vase stands as a canvas for the rich colours of the adornments it holds. Iron branches extend from the vase, each one culminating in luscious artificial fruits and leaves. These elements are not only a nod to the bountiful harvest and prosperity but also a symbol of life and growth. Their glossy, peachy surface catches the light, offering a warm glow that contrasts beautifully with the delicate, metallic leaves, intricately designed to capture the essence of nature's own artistry. Bloom is an elegant portrayal of the balance between nature and artistic interpretation. The artificial flowers ensure lasting vibrancy, making maintenance effortless while keeping the spirit of the New Year alive throughout the seasons. It is an homage to time-honoured traditions, reimagined for the contemporary home.


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