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The Dael abstract rug is a masterpiece of interior design, marrying the canvas of modern art with the practicality of home furnishing. It boasts a serene lavender backdrop, playfully interrupted by whimsical speckles and understated geometric forms in soft pastel hues. More than a mere splash of colour, it's a full spectrum that effortlessly adapts to a myriad of decorating styles, from cutting-edge contemporary to tranquil retreats. Precision-woven, this rug fuses hard-wearing fibres with sumptuous polyester to form a rug that’s as durable as it is soft. This robust combination ensures that even in high-traffic areas, the rug's vibrant hues and comforting texture remain undiminished. With the Dael rug, comfort is paramount. Its fibres are selected for their plush quality, offering an inviting underfoot cushion that welcomes relaxation and a break from the hustle of daily life. The practicality of the Dael rug shines in its maintenance. Crafted from a mix of fibre and polyester known for their ease of care, this rug promises to maintain its visual impact with minimal effort, ensuring that its artful presence in your space is enduringly effortless.


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