Twin Bed vs. Double Bed: What’s the Difference?

Twin Bed vs. Double Bed: What’s the Difference?

Looking for a new bed can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you're faced with all the unfamiliar terms that come along with furniture shopping. Bed sizes can be really tricky to understand, especially because they can have different names depending on where you live. 

So, let's explore the best uses for both double beds and twin beds and figure out which one would be the perfect fit for your home.

Difference Between Twin Beds and Double Beds

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It's not uncommon for people to mix up twin beds and double beds, and with single and full-sized beds thrown into the mix, it can feel like a hopeless task to determine which size is which. But don't worry, we're here to help you finally put an end to the confusion! 

Twin beds and double beds differ primarily in size and the number of people they can comfortably accommodate. Here are the key differences:

Twin Beds

Twin beds, also known as single beds in Malaysia (and outside of the United States), are designed for one person to sleep comfortably. They measure approximately 100 cm x 190 cm.

Sometimes people confuse twin beds with larger double beds because the word "twin" usually implies two. However, the term "twin bed" actually refers to the original purpose of these beds, which was to provide two small beds in one room so that two people could sleep together while still having their own separate spaces. The term "twin" originated from the fact that these beds were often sold in matching pairs, like twins.

These beds are the smallest standard size and are typically used for children or as spare beds for a single person. Twin beds are also available in XL sizes, which are 200 cm long.

Double beds 

Double beds, also known as full-sized beds, can contribute to the confusion between twins and doubles. These beds measure approximately 137 cm in width and 190 cm in length.

Originally designed for accommodating two individuals, double beds are less commonly chosen by couples nowadays, who typically prefer queen-sized mattresses or larger beds unless they have space limitations.

If two people are relatively small in size, comfortable sleeping in close proximity, and the arrangement is temporary, such as in a guest room, a full-sized bed can easily accommodate them. Some parents even opt for full-sized beds instead of twin beds for their older children, with the intention of converting the child's room into a guest room once the child grows up and moves out.

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Comparison of a Twin bed and a Double Bed

Parameters of Comparison

Twin Bed

Double Bed


Twin beds are basically two separate single beds that are placed apart from each other, allowing two people to share a room comfortably.

Double beds are larger than single beds, but smaller than a standard Queen-sized mattress.  They are designed for two people to sleep on without any gap between them.


So, two people can stay in the same room without needing to share a bed. These beds are suitable for accommodating children as well.

So that a couple can sleep together in the same bed.

Standard Measurements

It is 38 cm smaller compared to a double bed.

Ideally, it is 38 cm wider than a single bed while maintaining the same length as a single bed, making it significantly smaller than a queen size bed.

Sleeper and Room Size

Twin beds are a great choice for children and adults of average height. They are well-suited for smaller rooms.

Double beds are perfect for comfortably accommodating two adults of average height, but they may not provide sufficient space for taller individuals. Due to their larger size, they are best suited for placement in relatively spacious rooms.

How to Choose Between a Twin Bed and a Double Bed

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Choosing a mattress, whether for a small child's room or a guest space, isn't a walk in the park. You're going to want to think this decision through, to make sure you'll be happy with it for years to come. So, let's talk about what to consider when you're stuck between a twin and a double bed.

Room Size: 

First up, let's look at room size. A twin bed, about 100 cm wide and 190 cm long, is a perfect fit for smaller rooms or shared spaces where every inch counts. Now, a double bed, or a full bed as some call it, is bigger at around 130 cm wide and 190 cm long, so you'll need a larger room. By looking at your available room size, you'll find the bed that sits comfortably in there without making everything feel squashed.

Room Use: 

Another thing to think about is what you'll be using the room for. If it's a guest room used occasionally, a twin bed may be just right. But, if the room's going to be a regular sleeping spot for a couple, or someone who likes their space, a double bed might be a better fit. Keep the room's main use in mind, and you'll make sure the bed matches its purpose.

Sleeper Size: 

Don't forget about the size of the person or people who'll be using the bed. Twin beds are ideal for a single sleeper, great for children, teenagers, or smaller adults. In contrast, a double bed gives you more room, so it's a top choice for taller people, couples, or those who like to stretch out at night.

Sleeper Age: 

Age is another thing that can tip the scales between a twin and a double bed. Young children often do well with a twin bed thanks to its smaller size and lower height. As kids get older, a twin bed might still do the job, unless they're craving more room. Adults, on the other hand, usually enjoy the extra space a double bed offers.

Cost of Bed: 

Last but not least, you'll want to consider the cost. Twin beds are usually cheaper than double beds because they're smaller. So if you're watching the pennies, a twin bed might be your best bet. However, always balance cost against the other factors we've talked about here.

However, it's worth noting that double beds aren't as common in Malaysia, and they might make finding the right bedding or arranging your room a bit tricky. So, you might want to consider other bed sizes in Malaysia, like a super single or a queen-sized bed.

Single and super single beds offer just the right amount of space for one person, and they're a brilliant choice for rooms where space is a bit tight. A queen-sized bed, on the other hand, gives plenty of room for couples or people who love the feeling of extra space, and they usually fit nicely into most master bedrooms.


1. Are twin and double beds the same?

No, twin beds and double beds are not the same. They differ in size and sleeping capacity. A twin bed is smaller and designed for one person, while a double bed is larger and can comfortably accommodate two people.

2. Is a double bed a twin or queen?

A double bed is neither a twin nor a queen bed. It is a distinct size known as a full-size bed. A queen bed is larger than a double bed and offers more sleeping space.

3. Which is better for my room? 

When considering what would be better for your room, it depends on your specific needs and preferences. Factors like room size, lighting, and personal style play a role in making the right choice. For instance, if your room is small, you may want to consider lighter paint colours to create a sense of spaciousness. 

Additionally, if you enjoy a cosy and warm ambiance, consider using soft lighting or warm-toned light bulbs. Ultimately, the best choice for your room is one that aligns with your individual taste and creates a comfortable and inviting space.


So there you have it! Remember, the bed you choose should suit your unique needs and the room it's going into. Make the right choice, and you'll have sweet dreams for years to come.

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