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Queen Size Mattress, Malaysia

We want to start this review with three facts. Namely, the average person spends up to a third of his life in a sleep state; the position of a person during sleep directly affects the state of his internal organs; proper sleep is the key to a healthy and long life. This information indicates the increased importance of proper sleep organization, the main element of which is the mattress.

The CUURA store offers customers a wide selection of queen-size mattresses that ensure complete comfort and high quality of sleep. Here, you will find models that will give you an unprecedented good night's sleep experience!

Queen Size Mattress: Functional Features

Buying a high-quality queen-size mattress is the key to maintaining proper sleep hygiene. However, what specific consequences will this decision lead to? Let's figure it out together.

Queen-size mattress for a healthy spine

Back pain is one of the most common complaints of people worldwide. In everyday life, we do not have time for special exercises or stretching, so let's take care of our backs, at least during sleep. Mattresses in our store reduce the load on the spine and straighten it, which allows the muscles to relax and get nourished with useful trace elements.

Queen-size mattress for work

With the ubiquity of the online environment, more people are working in the bedroom. To prevent body aches, stiffness of the limbs, or curvature of the back, we recommend taking a closer look at queen-size mattresses from memory foam, which remember the body shape and prevent the development of degenerative diseases.

Queen-size mattress for stress reduction

We all return from work irritated and tired; restful slumber is the best cure for such conditions. An ordinary mattress is unlikely to cope with this task, but not the one you can find in our store. By choosing CUURA's mattresses, you will wake up in the morning cheerful and full of vital energy.

Purchasing a new mattress is one of the best investments in your health. By picking a queen-size mattress on the CUURA platform, you do not even suspect what level of comfort and quality of sleep awaits you!

Queen Size Mattress Choice Parameters

We all want a mattress to ensure complete comfort and relaxation during sleep. However, it is essential to approach the model selection responsibly to get this effect.

Therefore, if you want to choose the perfect mattress, you need to consider the following characteristics:

Queen-size mattress materials

Most of the models in our store are made of natural latex. This material is completely eco-friendly, durable, and wear-resistant. More importantly, it supports the spine in the right position all night and allows you to relax every muscle. We also have memory foam mattresses. Astronauts use this innovation because it copies body shapes and provides better rest.

Mattress sizes

There are many sizes, so before you click on the "buy" button, make sure that the model matches the size of your bed. To do this, you can go to the description of a specific mattress and examine its dimensions in all three planes.

Queen-size mattress price tag

Mattresses vary in price; for example, memory foam models are more expensive than latex ones. However, in our store, you can always choose a mattress according to your budget, as we have options ranging from RM 1500 to RM 4000.

CUURA Online Furniture Shop

CUURA store is a perfect combination of a large selection of the highest quality mattresses and unsurpassed service.

We offer our visitors the best shopping experience in Malaysia:

  • User-friendly interface, which is made in eye-pleasing shades.

  • An effective filtration system in which you can specify the characteristics of the mattress you are interested in to optimize the search.

  • You can read reviews from other customers on product quality issues and leave comments after purchase.

  • We deliver orders not only all over Malaysia but also all over the world.

  • If you have any difficulty, you can find a section with technical support at the bottom of the main page.

We must wake up feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep to be as productive as possible during the working day. With mattresses from the CUURA Space store, this goal has become a reality!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

A properly selected mattress guarantees restful slumber, muscle tone throughout the body, peace of mind after a hard day's work, and the ability to get up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to conquer all the peaks.
Each queen-size mattress is unique, so the price range is very wide. However, the CUURA Space store tries to provide comfort to everyone, so you can pick a mattress for both RM 1500 and RM 3000.
In addition to the queen-size mattress made of natural latex or memory foam, you can discover king and single-size models. They have the same healing properties, support all areas of the back, and promote maximum relaxation during sleep.
The answer is simple: We offer the best service quality, which includes fast delivery, an effective filtration system, a responsive support team, regular discounts, and the richest selection.
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