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Super Single Mattress, Malaysia

A good night's sleep is a key to success for your well-being and good shape during the day, and the basics of this process are good-quality mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and other accessories that make your sleep better.

Not feeling refreshed in the mornings? Missing support for your back during the night? Maybe it is time to improve your sleeping point with a super single mattress that will help you reach the desired balance and feel better!

At the CUURA store, you will find super single mattresses made of the best-quality materials. The store operates in Malaysia and helps locals get mattresses, beds, other furniture, and products that build comfort in their homes.

Single VS. Super Single Mattress

We all know what a single mattress is: it fits a small bed suitable for one person. But what is a super single mattress?

The difference is in size: a single mattress has a standard width of 90 cm, while the word "super" adds 16 cm to the number, and we get a 106 cm width, which makes a bed more comfortable for an adult and provides additional support to one's back.

Even though 16 cm seems to be a tiny thing, it matters a lot when it comes to mattresses. So, if you have enough space in your room, we suggest you select a "super" option.

Why Choose a Super Single Mattress

While some homeowners adore enormous mattress options with widths of 160 or 180 cm, others prefer smaller beds, and they have solid reasons to do so.

A super single mattress combines a set of advantages for those who love deep and blissful sleep:

  1. Space Economy

If you live in a small apartment or house, a super single bed is a fantastic solution for your bedroom that lets you free precious space for other furniture. Such size is a lifesaver for an owner of a tiny home who still wants to enjoy comfy sleep.

  1. Comfort in Compactness

Many people cannot relax if they spend their nights in huge beds alone. If you are a customer who prefers smaller beds, consider getting a super single model designed for such cases.

  1. Great-Quality Materials

Super single options do not yield bigger ones in terms of chosen materials and characteristics. Your mattress will have the same latex, memory foam, and springs that are added to a big-size mattress.

Super Single Mattress: buy one in Malaysia

If you are looking for a super single mattress of great quality in Malaysia, visit the CUURA online store. Here, you will find firm and soft mattresses made of natural latex with memory foam that will be providing you with top-notch support for years.

The softness and breathability of our mattresses will take your back pain away and help you cool down during the night. Those who prefer hotel comfort are welcome to try our products from the Luxury Hotel series.

If you prefer sleeping on a firm mattress, our Orthopedic series will suit your needs. Made of natural latex and coconut fiber, this mattress also has solid springs for the ultimate support and memory foam for your great state in the morning.

All these options are available at the CUURA online store, which operates in West and East Malaysia. You can order a good-quality mattress right now!

Getting a Mattress at CUURA Store

If you have ever chosen a mattress, you know how hard this experience can be. However, with the CUURA store, this problem is solved, at least for Malaysian homeowners.

Shopping at CUURA is fast and easy. You will quickly find a "mattress" section where you will see all options and prices right away. Each product has a description with all the details you need to know.

When you find a product that feels right for your home, simply add it to the cart and proceed to the payment and shipping section. You can pay with options that work all over the world, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and other methods. When the deal is complete, you will receive a notification on your email.


You will get free delivery and installation within Klang Valley if your purchase costs more than 2000 RM. Your mattress will be delivered rolled and compressed to save its quality.


CUURA provides you with a 10-year warranty for each mattress you buy.


If something is not right with the product, you can send it back and get your money within 30 days from the purchase date.

Last but not least: if you feel like getting a super single mattress but also have some doubts, CUURA offers a fantastic option: a sleep trial for 100, 125, or 150 nights! Submitting an order for this trial is available at the CUURA's website, too!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Such a mattress is a fantastic solution for those who have a small house and want to free up some space. A super single mattress has a width of only 106 cm — that is a great deal for tiny homes. Generally, a good-quality mattress is essential for your health, so don't hesitate to buy one.
With a mattress from CUURA, you will get a wonderful sleeping experience that will guide you for many years. Our mattresses are made of the best materials and contain all the essential details that are helpful for your comfort during the night.
At CUURA, you can buy a super single mattress for less than 1500 RM. Remember that you will also get a 10-year warranty for it.
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