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Single Mattress Malaysia

In Malaysia, a regular single mattress usually measures 90x190 cm, perfect for solo sleepers. Its snug fit is just right for smaller studio apartments, a kid's room, or a guest area. A single mattress is the perfect combination of comfort and space efficiency.

CUURA Space Shop presents a selection of single mattresses varying in materials, support, and softness levels to accommodate diverse sleeping habits. Put an end to sleepless nights with quality mattresses from CUURA Space, Malaysia!

Single Mattress: Designed to be Helpful

A single mattress is all about personalized comfort. It's designed for solo sleepers to enjoy a sleeping experience focusing on individual needs. Do you have sleepless nights due to back pain or uncomfortable posture? Our cool products are soft and cozy and provide essential support for your body!

Spend no more time; acquire mattress options that flaunt such features as:

  1. Space efficiency. Nothing suits a small, cozy bed better than a single mattress. If your bedroom area isn't big, a compact mattress complements it perfectly, providing comfort without overwhelming the space.

  2. Individual comfort. Do you prefer a soft mattress that cradles you in bed and envelops you with a soothing touch? Or maybe you're more into a foam mattress with perfect weight distribution that promotes spine alignment and eases neck pains? At CUURA Space, you'll find the option you need!

  3. Long-lasting use. A high-quality single mattress is your durable sleeping companion for many good years. Whether it's your comfy nook for sleep or you have a guest bed to occasionally accommodate your friends, our products uphold longevity, promoting enduring comfort.

At CUURA Space in Malaysia, we help you create an inviting personal sleeping area! Add the desired mattress to your online cart and enjoy restless sleep in a few weeks!

Single Mattress Options in Malaysia

How does CUURA Space in Malaysia promote health through a rejuvenating sleeping experience? Here, you can purchase top-quality sleeping products designed concerning utmost comfort, allowing you to wake up well-rested and ready for the new day. At CUURA Space, we balance mattress quality and price, making them affordable for any budget.

Single Mattress vs. Super Single Mattress

Each of our single mattresses is crafted to fit snugly on your bed, providing ample space for one person to move around comfortably during sleep. However, suppose you prefer a wider mattress for a single bed. In that case, you can consider the super single option, which typically measures around 106 cm in width.

Support and Comfort

Single mattresses differ in firmness levels. A soft mattress is ideal for individuals who love a plush, sink-in feeling for their excellent night's sleep. In contrast, a firm mattress boasts sturdy support with less bounce and minimal sinkage. Medium firmness balances cushioning and stability, guaranteeing a restful sleeping experience.

Choose Single Mattress Materials

Memory foam mattresses offer contouring features as they adjust to their shape, allowing them to relieve back pain and joint issues. If you like breathable materials or have allergies, you'll probably appreciate natural latex mattresses, which are resistant to mold and dust mites. Mattresses with springs (or other types of firm mattresses) are very suitable for those who experience orthopedic issues.

Durability Test

If you find it hard to choose the right mattress option, we recommend you take advantage of your special offer. Buy our sleeping products now and try them for 100+ nights to see how they feel. Then, if you realize it's not for you, you can return it and get your money back!

CUURA Space Online Shop

CUURA Space sells quality furniture, bedding, decor, and accessories online. Our top factory quality ensures unparalleled comfort, no matter your bedtime preferences and needs.

We offer:

  • a wide range of products;

  • long-lasting durability;

  • frequent sales and promotions;

  • quality testing period;

  • user-friendly shop's interface.

Add your mattress to a cart, fill out the form, and buy! We deliver for free if you make more oversized orders: RM2,000 for Klang Valley and RM5,000 for West Malaysia. Shop today with CUURA Space and receive RM50 off on your first order!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Set your goals, browse our mattress range, and study the descriptions and reviews our clients submit after delivery. Ensure that the mattress dimensions are suitable for your bed and that the mattress properties suit your sleeping preferences.
There are mattress options that best maintain proper spinal alignment. For instance, memory foam mattresses conform to the natural body's curves. Natural latex mattresses, as well as other medium-firmness and firm mattresses, are also quite supportive.
At CUURA Space, we acknowledge that all experiences are individual. Thus, it might be helpful to take advantage of our cool offer: a 100-day trial. Buy any mattress with a trial option and sleep on it for a specified period. You can return it if it's not for you, and we will refund it!
Before placing an order, you can choose from various payment options, some of which offer great benefits when purchasing at CUURA Space. You can also pay in installments at no interest rate.
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