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Coffee Table Malaysia

Coffee tables have always been furniture staples for any cosy home. Coming in many different styles, these living room pieces can create the atmosphere that you are looking for by adding a natural, modern, or minimalistic look. Coffee tables from CUURA Space offer you a variety of function and style solutions.

Express your individuality with fashionable room design choices and make your space feel like home. Check out CUURA Space's selection of coffee table products and watch your living space transform the way you like it.

Discover Modern Coffee Tables Online in Malaysia

Elevate your living space with our exquisite collection of coffee tables in Malaysia, featuring a variety of styles and designs to suit every preference. From elegant round coffee tables to chic modern options, our selection caters to all tastes and budgets.

Browse our online store for solid wood coffee tables, innovative designs with built-in storage or drawers, and coffee table sets that ensure a cohesive look throughout your home. Add a touch of Scandinavian charm with a Nordic piece, or opt for a sleek glass coffee table to complement your contemporary décor. With competitive pricing and a diverse range of products, you'll find the perfect centrepiece for your Malaysian home right here. 

Explore our collection today and transform your living room with a stunning coffee table.

Product Info

Reminiscent of old-fashioned makeup boxes and beauty kits, Ellen's coffee table and TV cabinet are a throwback for older folks in terms of style. The chunky body, obvious folds, and gleaming gold rims were classic staples, and they still are. Ellen is a great way to turn up the charm in your living room.

Malaysia Coffee Table Functionality

With CUURA Space, you can add a touch of individuality to any living room. There are a variety of ways to utilise a new coffee table. No matter what your lifestyle, hobbies, and interior design tastes are, our shop offers a great stock of coffee table and side table options that you can pick from.

In their reviews, customers share plenty of ideas on how to incorporate CUURA Space coffee tables. Our products are especially enjoyed by those who like:

  • To read books;

  • To decorate their homes with scented candles;

  • To place fresh bouquets of flowers all around their places;

  • To have their meals in the comfort of a living room.

Our coffee table set options are great for both house decoration and functional use. Having a nice cup of tea or coffee while chatting with your friends in the living room is a fantastic way to spend your free time. What is more, you can ensure the usability of your new furniture item by getting one that has some functional storage units.

If you are looking for a coffee table in Malaysia, CUURA Space has a huge choice of metal, wooden, and stone options. Pick your dream coffee table or additional side table and watch your living room transform into a new stylish zone.

Coffee Table in Malaysia: How to Choose

Whether you like to follow modern trends or prefer something extravagant, our coffee table stock will surely have something to offer. However, if you are not sure how to decide on your ideal furniture purchase, we are always here to help you find pieces that will suit your preferences the best.

When choosing a new coffee table, pay attention to the following details:

  1. Your table can be of low, medium, and high leg length;

  2. Pay attention to the tabletop you prefer, as they come in wooden, metal, and sintered stone forms;

  3. You can pick a coffee table set for solely decorative purposes or with additional storage units;

  4. Our coffee table options come in circular, rectangular, and other unique shapes to make your interior design immaculate.

Add a touch of beauty to your home with a coffee table of outstanding quality from Malaysia.

Malaysia Coffee Table Company: Top Choice

Plenty of reviews that our satisfied customers leave on our products show that our hard work pays off. With reasonable price ranges for all tastes and preferences, our coffee table options can become a great addition to your home. Create a comfortable atmosphere and enjoy your everyday routines with a new coffee table set from CUURA Space.

Whether you like to read a book on your sofa with a cup of coffee standing on a fashionable table or you want to demonstrate your collection of coffee table magazines, our products will do the perfect job. Match your new table to other furniture pieces of your home, or purchase an accent piece that will add a bit of spice. All you have to do is add one of our coffee table offers to your cart and enjoy the new purchase as soon as it is delivered.

Speaking of delivery, we provide timely shipping all over Malaysia. Pick your dream coffee table from our website, read customer reviews, and get the table delivered right to your door.

Placing an order on CUURA Space is fast and easy. You do not have to worry about the quality, as all of our coffee table options are made of durable materials. Thus, any coffee table set will last you for many years to come. Shop with CUURA space and improve your home design with a one-of-a-kind coffee table!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The way you can use a coffee table is hidden in its name: the main aim of this product is to help you have a cup of coffee with chic and comfort. A coffee table will allow you to relax and have a 15-minute break during a workday, a long chat with friends, or a lonely and calm hour on your own — with a cup of tasty coffee or warm tea. These minutes are blissful and precious, so why don’t you spend them next to a beautiful table that perfectly fits your room?
With the CUURA store, getting a perfect coffee table for your room is extremely easy! We have plenty of options that will work for every design that you can imagine. From massive wooden tables with drawers to smaller and nice metal or glass tables — you can find all of them at CUURA. The purchasing process is quick and simple as well: just choose the object you like that feels perfect for your home, click the “Add to Cart” button, and proceed to delivery and payment details. Our specialists will react quickly and provide you with all details. Free installment is included!
With the CUURA store, you can always find a coffee table that will suit your budget. We have more than 80 such tables and we hope that you will get your perfect option with ease. The cheapest table costs 130 RM (less than 30 USD); even though the price might seem low, the table is made of highly durable melamine and metal. The most expensive options cost around 3000 RM (or 600-650 USD).
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