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Tables Malaysia

Whether you need a spacious dining table to gather around with your family or a small decorative coffee table to display your vast collectibles, vases, or figurines, here you will find a table of exceptional quality and exquisite style. 

CUURA Space in Malaysia flaunts a unique selection of designer furniture that suits any taste, home design, and lifestyle. We offer functional and authentic tables to elevate the visual appeal of your dining or living area!

Collection of Tables, Online in Malaysia

A wooden bedside table for storing your nighttime essentials, a multi-leveled side table for placing books or decorations within reach, or a stylish sintered stone round coffee table? Here, you can buy tables of any design and color!

Modern Tables to Stand Out

Have you been thinking of adding a visual accent to your room? At CUURA Space, we have tables featuring the rich organic textures of sintered stone and natural wood to create a sophisticated atmosphere within your living Space. If you're seeking to revamp your mealtime, consider eye-catching designs like grand circular bowl structures for hobbies or layered avant-garde tables for coffee and magazines. Put an end to mediocrity with extraordinary furniture designs by CUURA Space!

Tables for Everyday Use

Tables belong to the type of furniture we use all the time: from console tables, we put our keys on to ample dining tables we sit at having breakfast, from small coffee tables used mainly for storage and decorative purposes to office tables we put our laptops on. CUURA Space is a convenient online shop where you can get yourself an ideal table for all life situations!

Table Set for the Whole Friend Group

One of the reasons we look for a nice table is social validation. No matter how you slice it, homeowners aspire to impress visitors with a warm and welcoming home interior. Entrust your design to us. CUURA Space boasts a large collection of artfully crafted tables to provide a cozy ambiance, thereby enriching your social interactions!

Product Benefits

By buying quality tables from the CUURA Space Shop, you create comfortable surroundings that fuse practicality with style. 

We have diverse Malaysian tables that feature the following properties:

  1. Aesthetic appeal. Used as decorative elements with asymmetrical forms, intricate patterns, and distinctive finishes, these tables make a statement, becoming the centerpiece of your room. 

  2.  Storage potential. Tables with compartments, drawers, or shelves serve the practical purpose of effectively organizing your items and decluttering your Space. 

  3. Surface for dining. If we talk about spacious dining tables, their primary purpose is to accommodate individuals or families to enjoy a shared meal while promoting communication.

  4. Place to engage in various activities. Whether it's studying, making a work project, or playing board games and painting, a nice table is a great addition to enhance your Space's functionality.

  5. Displaying potential. Tables may become a place where you put your photo frames or set a souvenir from a memorable journey to remind you of good old times.

Overall, we present a wide array of options designed to complement diverse interior styles and cater to various needs, be it a functional table serving as your kid's playing area or a luxury coffee table with a collection of artwork.

Shop with CUURA Space

When selecting the perfect table for your dwelling, CUURA Space stands as your primary Malaysian online store, granting clients a seamless and prompt buying experience. 

At CUURA Space, you can browse and explore:

  • Exquisite table designs that combine contemporary minimalism and luxury elegance, gentle curves, and clear lines;

  • Premium table materials that look and feel organic and incredibly opulent, promoting aesthetics and durability;

  • Additional features such as scratch resistance, space-saving, and multi-functional use;

  • A variety of options varying in size, color, style, and design, which allows us to cover all your needs;

  • Regular sales that make our products available for various budget categories;

  • Swift and smooth delivery right to your doorstep.

Taking this all into account, if you're looking for high-end tables crafted from lavish materials and designed to reimagine the traditional concept of tables, CUURA Space in Malaysia is the place where you can find them. Reach out to find exquisite and functional furniture and decor at the best price!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Online shops are exceptionally convenient when it comes to sorting through a wide range of options and finding the right one. At CUURA Space, you can open the desired category and compare styles, as well as manipulate the price scale to filter out the unsuitable.
If you live within Klang Valley and your order sum reaches RM2000, or if your house is situated in West Malaysia and your order sum reaches RM5000, you're eligible for free delivery. So if you need several things, it's better to place them in one place for greater benefit!
The most popular designs are those that embody modern simplicity combined with luxurious quality. Such pieces have mostly monochrome or neutral tones, clean lines, and geometric shapes but incorporate bold and innovative concepts.
The cost of tables at CUURA Space varies depending on factors such as size, material, intricate details, and additional features. Generally, the prices for CUURA Space tables range from RM1000 to RM5000, covering both modest and luxury options.
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