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Bedside Table Malaysia

The bedside table is a perfect furniture element that can not only serve you well on multiple occasions but also be a wonderful and stylish addition to the room where you spend a quarter of your life. However, at times, with this abundance of different modern bedside tables, it may be hard to pick one that will fit your room. Thankfully, a variety of shops showcase their assortment, so you can easily pick the right match for your bed.

At CUURA Space, we offer a plethora of chic designs that not only serve functionality but also add a dash of elegance to your personal space. Let's dive deeper into the question to figure out why bedside tables from CUURA Space are a must, especially in Malaysia.

Discover the Perfect Bedside Table in Malaysia

We understand how hard it may be to pick a bedside table from all this variety of options available in our shop. But don't be afraid, as, with a comprehensive guide on the products presented on our page, you can be sure that finding the table of your dreams will be a piece of cake.

The bedside tables on our site can boast the following differences:

  • Low Bedside Table

Perfect for contemporary spaces, low bedside tables offer functionality without overpowering the room. Their sleek design is versatile and harmonises well with various themes.

  • Round Bedside Table

Perfect for breaking the monotony of straight lines, our round bedside tables come in various materials and colours. These tables add a touch of finesse to your bedroom and soften the overall aesthetics. 

  • Bedside Table with Drawers

De-clutter your space with our range of bedside tables with drawers. These handy nightstands not only provide a surface for your table lamps and books but also help you organise your essentials. 

  • Wooden Bedside Table

For lovers of minimalism, our Scandinavian bedside tables bring Nordic charm right to your bedroom. If you are inclined towards Japanese aesthetics, our Muji-inspired wooden bedside tables, with their clean lines and functional design, are just what you need.

Bedside Tables Storage and Functionality

Among a wide range of other bedroom furniture, bedside tables have a special place as you can precisely choose what elements they will have according to your needs. We are sure that at CUURA Space, you will easily find the bedside table that will match not only your style but also your requirements.


A regular bedside table is a set of table legs and a top. You have definitely seen numerous tables like this, and they will never go out of style. A top here can be regarded as a shelf and represent an open storage for everything you need to use fast and require easy access to, for example, a lamp or a book you read.


In case you need some extra space in your bedroom, take a look at the products with in-built drawers. Such tables, made from the best materials, will help you keep your belongings in a safe place. Tables with drawers are especially good if you don't want your personal items to be covered with dust.


To our mind, ultimate bedside tables have both the aforementioned elements, and that's where dividers come into play. Dividers can separate shelves from drawers, providing you with much more space for different needs. Or you can order a table with dividers inside the drawers to organise your stuff better.

How to Choose a Bedside Table on CUURA Space in Malaysia

Choosing bedroom furniture is definitely art, so you should approach this task really carefully. Thanks to the development of the Internet, now you have the right to browse the site as much as you want to find the right products. To avoid some of the mistakes that still can occur, we have prepared a short guide for you.

Follow these steps if you need to buy a bedside table:

  1. First and foremost, you should understand that your bedside table has to correspond with the overall style of your bedroom. This means that the design of the table should be inspired by other elements of the room, including your bed, cupboard, or a table.

  2. Next, you need to decide on the storage needs you have. If you need more belongings beside you, choose tables with drawers and shelves. Otherwise, pick the option with shelves only.

  3. Carefully measure the space for a bedside table. It will be quite a misfortune if you order a table and it simply does not fit.

  4. The material you pick is also an important part of the style of your personal space. If wood is prevalent in your bedroom, a wooden bedside table will be perfect. As for other options, you can find products that match your room and create an amazing style with a combination of wood and metal.

Why Choose CUURA Space for Your Bedside Table in Malaysia?

At CUURA Space, we believe in combining style with affordability. Our exclusive collection of bedside tables is curated, keeping in mind the diverse preferences of our valued customers. We offer bedside tables of different styles, made of wood or metal, and that are built with shelves, drawers, or both at the same time.

Moreover, CUURA Space offers delivery to different parts of Malaysia (check the cities on our site) and can provide home makeover services in Kuala Lumpur and other cities in West Malaysia. 

Shop our range of bedroom furniture online and find the perfect nightstand that reflects your persona only at CUURA Space.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

A bedside table is a fantastic add-on to your room’s interior design that does not only look fancy but also serves various purposes. Having such furniture near your bed is so convenient that many customers cannot imagine their cozy home without it! Firstly, it can become a great accent to your room’s overall look. Secondly, you can use it to store stuff like books and chargers for your devices; the most necessary things can be on the first shelf and those rarely used can live in the drawer.
Of course, you can ask for advice from a professional designer; however, nowadays, using the help of the internet is the smartest idea. You can open the CUURA store’s website and find the most suitable option in just a couple of minutes. We have numerous tables of different styles for all kinds of designs and color palettes.
Our store offers tables of different prices: you can find amazing options starting from 90 RM (around 20 USD). Tables with drawers will cost 340 RM (70 USD) and more. All bedside tables that we sell are made of high-quality materials like wood and metal and will look extremely sophisticated in your room.
If you are looking for a nice bedside table to add some chic to your bedroom, try buying one at the CUURA store. We offer a great number of such tables that will satisfy everyone’s taste and budget. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more info about delivery and free installment!
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